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Shaman type ideas

Discussion in 'GorkaMorka' started by Knuffe, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. Knuffe

    Knuffe Juve

    Noted Gorkamorkas big lack of Shaman type.

    Someone probably made House rules. But I wanted to try. Some Ideas.

    Da great Quack. (Freebooter) 14 teef.
    (Stats as a slaver and count as a slaver against grots and squigs.)

    Studded armour, great club. The great quacks mystic powers. old uns wisdom.
    Can bring up to 3 squigs but player must pay for them as normal, and Da great quack will leave them behind after his contract is over.

    Da great Quack is a shaman for hire. Shrouded in mystery (and a strong odor?). It is said he is in favor with gork and mork and no yoof will deny his greatness in hope to learn fom his vast wisdom. But for some reason the meks have banished Da great quack from mektown...

    Old 'uns wisdom.
    The great quack is really really old. Or so he says. Yoofs gobble up his tales of anchient times, and feel inspired by his cunning knowhow.

    Any yoof can reroll their leadership. once. But must take the final result. Just having him on their side is ispiering.

    The great quacks mystic powers.
    Range short 1-6 long 7-20 -refer to table.
    When shooting declare that the great quack is doing something mystic, and designate a target. Roll to hit as if he is shooting. Sadly the great quack is really old and often forgets what mystic powers he is calling. Roll on the table.

    1. Uh, thats not suposed to happen.
    Roll again but now the target is The great quack.
    2. The haze of Quack.
    The target and everyone within 5" is hidden inn a thick smelly but harmless haze that lasts 1 round. The haze is exelent cover but makes shooting inn and out impossebly hard because noone can see anything.
    3. Dat hungry smell.
    A smell that is sweet and meathy sticks to the target. roll a full auto for the number of squids that apears to eat the target. should a slaver be nearby he can try to take controll of the squigs with a leadership roll.
    4-5. Mystic spirit boom.
    Treat the target as if it been targeted by a krack stikkbomb. roll scatterdice as normal.
    6. Da scare.
    A feel of dread and impending doom covers the target and annyone within 5" of him. Friend or foe therein must pass a leadership test or become subject to terror and flee to the closest table end.
    If they pass roll leadership again against frenzy.

    (Edit:note. maybe roll for spells at begining of games instead. ammorolls?)
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  2. Oddsox

    Oddsox Ganger

    I like it, weirdboyz make Gorkamorka even funnier. Diggas do get Shamans though.
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  3. Knuffe

    Knuffe Juve

    Yeah, but I like how they worked in warhammer fantacy (dont remember wit h edition) they could do more spells. but for gorkamorka i felt it should be simpler and more random. this idea may not be ballanced by a 1 in 6 chance to turn on you. It may be to many things going on with the great quack or to hard to folow?
  4. Blood Donor

    Blood Donor Executive Officer in Charge of the 2014 Bake Sale
    Staff Member Necromunda Custodian Yak Philanthropist

    You could borrow the pretense of how exploding weapons work from Necro (like on a 6 to hit, roll again, and if it is a 1 the Quack gets smacked). Then you could do a roll at the beginning of the game to see what power you have conjured for that match. Something new to remember per game, not per turn.
  5. Kon-rad

    Kon-rad Gang Champion

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  6. Knuffe

    Knuffe Juve

    I Did considder giving the great Quack more supernatural powers. like calling spirits, predicting future and remote healing of broken whehicles, and orks. but it didnt seem funny enough to me.

    I liked the idea that the great quack dont really know what he is going to cast. But I see the point that it may be too much random to be worth it. Perhaps he should do a ammo roll to, in all fearness. Doing gorkamorka mojo is probably a bit limited.
  7. Flamekebab

    Flamekebab Gang Hero
    Gorkamorka Warboss

    Gorkamorka has the same system (y)
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