N18 Shooting a Boltgun.

Tony La Morte

New Member
May 5, 2023
Hi All,
I am very new at Necromunda and a bit confused regarding how and what type of dice to use when firing a Bolt gun.

I think it is as follows
Roll 1 d6 to hit with a Fire power die.
Assuming a hit is rolled and 2 bullet holes were rolled on the fire power dice.
Roll 2 d6 to wound and assuming both wound.
Roll 2 dice to save, assume saves fail.
Roll 4 Injury dice and resolve result.
Pretty much spot on.

A successful attack roll causes a number of hits equal to the bullet holes on the firepower dice.

Each hit requires a separate roll to wound.

Each successful wound requires a separate save.

Each unsaved wound causes 2 damage to the target. Note that 4 injury dice is correct for single wound models in your scenario, but if the model had 2 wounds it would only roll three injury dice: one damage would take it down to its last wound, and the remaining three become the injury dice.

Hope that helps!
you are correct , ive been on the painfull end of that too many times(y)
To give a couple of other examples using the same rolls if you had used an autogun (which is only 1 damage) then the result would be the same exempt you would only roll two injury dice for the two damage. Meanwhile if you used a lasgun (which doesn’t have rapid fire) you would only get one hit and cause 1 damage.

This is why bolters are so nasty to face!
Yep all correct so far. The rapid fire shots may be spread between fighters as well so can spear the hurt.