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May 24, 2017
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Because we don't have one here yet...

Here's my Primaris Imperial Fists; they don't have names yet and generally speaking I don't like Primaris marines conceptually, but when you've got a First Strike box what else can you do?

Jan 12, 2021
From First Edition, I have my Firstborn Salamanders.


Loosely based on a Horus Heresy Seeker Squad* (these models are pretty much lifted from my Horus Heresy Salamanders army, anyway), they're pretty much what they needed to be for 1st Edition Killteam:

1x Sternguard Veteran Sergeant w/ combi-melta
1x Sternguard Veteran w/ combi-flamer
1x Vanguard Veteran w/ bolt pistol and Thunder Hammer
1x Tactical Marine w/ meltagun
2x Tactical Marine w/ boltgun

Most of the memorable moments I've had with them involved slagging some hard-to-hit target with one of the two meltaguns. The first involved a run & gun situation in my first game, in which my veteran sergeant suddenly overcame the usual slowness of a Salamander, sprinted across a road into defensible cover to get a line of sight on a stealthsuit in a belltower at the weapon's long range, and promptly slagged the xeno on a successful first try. Two other instances involved highly improbable Overwatch shots against a Grey Knight player across two different games, one of which in a Zone Mortalis-esque game on custom Space Hulk tiles.

While a bit uncanny on rolling to hit with the meltagun as if it were an overpowered shotgun, it hasn't always been a sure thing, and numbers (especially involving orks) have been able to bring this squad down as well.

* Practically a sternguard veteran squad whose aim is to eliminate a specific target in an enemy's army in a SCUD Missile sort of way. They come loading for bear with special ammo (frag rounds, normal bolts, and heavy AP) even with combi-weapons across the board, and can either take a drop pod or land raider proteus as their dedicated transport.
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