Show your Kill Teams!

Okay, so my tablet had a single picture on it of one of my old Tau Pathfinders with a rail rifle I used for SWA (old as in these guys are pewter, and were bought around 4th Ed. so they are not as Classic as the venerable beaky Space Marines from RT though...).

This is probably the only painted Pathfinder I'm really proud about because I touched him up after a few games of SWA. Partly, the experience earned through several games (all of them defeats...), and the random tables. In particular, this guy managed to earn the Gunfighter skill, which is why I chopped a couple old pulse carbines and turned them into pulse pistols on each hip. You have got to love some of those random skills these fellas pick up after a few games! Who cares if it makes sense fluff wise, it is fun!