Necromunda Shriken's Necromunda & more (conversion/paint/competitions)


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Oct 30, 2016
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Love it kommisar!
Surely he will stomp on that chaos relic without hesitation and rid the imperium of its heresy! .....or will he?
But don’t be too intimidated by his height, he is actually the shortest of the primarchs, but since they’ve all started turning up again, and after watching way too much YouTube, he created a suit of armour based on a Cosplay construction guide so he would be taller and dare I say it... slightly sexier! ;) But, not being out done by a mortal, he one upped the cosplayer by making his ‘costume’ fully servo assisted and life supporting with the added feature of on tap frigg milkshake! (There’s a small hatch on his backpack that he needs his minions to keep topping up with milk for all you science nerds) (...skimmed milk, just because he’s immortal doesn’t mean he shouldn’t care)
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Kommissar Shriken

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Nov 21, 2016
Hmmm not easy. I like all your ideas.. While think of the colours... I started to make a mini i always wanted to make..

Yakmarines scout sniper shriken...
He gets a ghillie suit like real snipers. Sometimes i use a ghillie suit in real life when i play paintball.

He will geht the colours of the sons of shriken (crimson fists) but without red hands and weapon because "sniper"