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GorkaMorka Silk's GoMo Minis & Vehicles

Discussion in 'Miniatures & Terrain' started by Silk, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Silk

    Silk Ganger

    Some paint progress on the tracks. Still needs something, I think.
    [photo="medium"]3252[/photo] [photo="medium"]3253[/photo]

    Silk thinks I should put the brush away and feed him.
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  2. trollmeat

    trollmeat Hive Guilder
    Yak Comp 2nd Place

    Looks perfect on screen, but if I might guess at something it might want - a bit of sand/debris on the tracks? Praps a gobbo arm caught in it/squished underneath? :-D
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  3. JCJoe

    JCJoe New Member

    Genius. Evil, but Genius.
  4. Silk

    Silk Ganger

    Some more painting done. Decided to see what it looks like in natural light.
    [photo="medium"]3293[/photo] [photo="medium"]3294[/photo] [photo="medium"]3295[/photo]
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  5. Silk

    Silk Ganger

    I decided to give the newest competition a try. Hopefully I'll be able to get this Ork yoof finished whilst preparing to move.

    Started by adding magnets and some details to his shield. Now to find a suitable weapon for him.
    #65 Silk, May 26, 2016
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  6. Silk

    Silk Ganger

    Alrighty... the build is complete. The stop sign is from an O scale model railroad set of signs that are printed on styrene plastic. The printing wears off easily; the white scratches were just from holding it in place while drilling the rivet holes. Hopefully the Quickshade varnish will protect it.
    [photo="medium"]3351[/photo] [photo="medium"]3352[/photo]

    And a couple of side shots.
    [photo="medium"]3353[/photo] [photo="medium"]3354[/photo]

    Now I just need the weather to cooperate long enough to prime it.
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  7. djmothra

    djmothra Magister Competere
    Yak Comp 2nd Place Yak Supporter

    Love me some GoMo entries! :)

    Like you said, Varnish 'should' protext it...if not...make alternative arrangements now :D

    *EDIT* Or the Raptors!!!
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  8. Silk

    Silk Ganger

    Time to get some paint on this thing. I decided to add a couple of extra arm options, but forgot to take a pre-conversion picture. My new can of black primer dried on glossy and shiny and my paint wasn't adhering well, so I had to brush on a coat of Liquitex Neutral Grey. It's great, it sticks to pretty much anything and acts like a primer.

    Early painting progress...
    [photo="medium"]3382[/photo] [photo="medium"]3383[/photo]
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  9. Silk

    Silk Ganger

    Deathskulls yoof.
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  10. djmothra

    djmothra Magister Competere
    Yak Comp 2nd Place Yak Supporter

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  11. Silk

    Silk Ganger

    Painting is nearly finished (click the pics for close-ups). A few touch-ups, a quick application of the Army Painter varnish and stick him on a base and I'll call him done. The arms are magnetized so I can equip him with a club, shield, kannon, stikkbomb, or even the knife and six-shoota I did earlier.

    I used Liquid Green Stuff to build up his pants to make it look like the knees are worn out. As a Deathskulls yoof, he clearly looted his jeans off some poor 'umie.

    I painted the shield edges and scratches Vallejo Aluminum. I really hope the varnish keeps the printed sign from wearing any more.

    I also used Liquid Green Stuff to give him back pockets. They didn't turn out quite as good as the ripped knees. Oh well. Another learning experience.

    C&C welcome.
    #71 Silk, Jun 19, 2016
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  12. Silk

    Silk Ganger

    Varnishing done. He's rather shiny, but the matt spray should take care of that.
    [photo="medium"]3506[/photo] [photo="medium"]3507[/photo]

    The action of brushing on the varnish actually wore off more of the red printing on the sign. I'm going to see if I can match the red and repair it a bit. Failing that, I'll just add more aluminum. Disappointing though. If I decide to use any more of those printed signs, I'll have to see if spraying them first with the matt spray will help keep them intact.
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  13. Xavier Bacon

    Xavier Bacon Gang Champion
    Yak Comp 3rd Place

    I like how weathered the writing looks!
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  14. Stoof

    Stoof Lord High Admiral of the YakBap
    Tribe Council

    I concur. I don't know if you've ever had the misfortune to become addicted to a show called "American Pickers", but they tend to see old signs and they are often really faded out like that. It has a sandblasted, sitting-in-a-desert-for-decades look to it. Or "roached" as Mike Wolfe would put it...
  15. Silk

    Silk Ganger

    Thanks. That was definitely the look I was going for. Here's some shots of the progress, first after brushing on some varnish (and wearing off some of the red ink), then after painting on some red, aluminum and some washes, and after another light coat of varnish and matt spray.
    [photo="medium"]3508[/photo] [photo="medium"]3515[/photo] [photo="medium"]3516[/photo]

    And the final product:

    "Drive me closer!"
    #75 Silk, Jul 6, 2016
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  16. Silk

    Silk Ganger

    Some shots of the finally completed trukk #1.

    I'm rather fond of the broken exhaust pipe.
    #76 Silk, Jul 9, 2016
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  17. King Redwart

    King Redwart The Unpainter
    Yak Comp 3rd Place Yak Supporter

    I love looking at your stuff dude. How do you do your rust? Everytime I try it either comes out too orange and/or the metallic colour is too bright (and when I wash it it goes too dull). Yours looks just about right

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  18. Silk

    Silk Ganger

    Thanks. I wish I had an easy answer for you. I'm constantly experimenting with rust effects. For example, the underside of the bed and the trukk frame here were primed with red oxide primer, washed with Typhus Corrosion, drybrushed with Ryza Rust, and then lightly drybrushed with Boltgun Metal. I think the frame was then given a wash of Nuln Oil and the underside of the bed may have a light wash of Agrax Earthshade. Finally everything is brushed with Army Painter Strong Tone varnish and sprayed with a matt varnish. That adds more pigment and darkens everything a wee bit. This is my basic 'go to' for rust, and for the undersides of my vehicles, this is as far as I go.

    The tracks got additional washes, and extra drybrushing with Bolt Gun Metal on surfaces that would see constant wear. I don't remember which washes I used, but it was likely some or all of these. I basically keep adding washes to different areas until I get an effect I like. Oh, the final step was to brush on some grey weathering chalk.

    The panel on the right was an experiment in trying to replicate this type of rust. I don't remember the exact steps, but the white was a result of pooling white paint thinned to a wash, letting it dry a little, then blotting up the rest. The yellow was originally done the same way, but it didn't look right, so I brushed on more (the left image). It still wasn't right, so I washed over the whole thing with a variety of washes (although I think Sepia was the one I used most). I allowed it to mix and pool in some areas and blotted it up in others. I like the end result, but I really have no idea how I got there.

    Once I start on my next trukk (which will be shortly as my friend just arrived for an afternoon of painting), I am going to attempt to remember to photograph each step of the process. :whistle:
    #78 Silk, Jul 9, 2016
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  19. Kon-rad

    Kon-rad Gang Champion

    Those really are great rust effects. The only time I ever get it close to right is when I take a lot of time on it. You'd think painting things dirty and rusty and dusty would be quick but it's one subtle drybrush on drybrush on drybrush, wash, and drybrush......
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  20. KRVSH

    KRVSH Gang Hero

    Interesting. I just realized I like my rust best if I act real sloppy with it. But then, I rarely drybrush.
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