Simple campaign rules for FLGS


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Nov 26, 2016
Berlin, Germany
Hi all!
So, I've joined a campaign at (one of my) local FLGS, and since we're a diverse group of players, who won't play exactly the same amount of games, and that we'd like to keep it open for people to join during the battle, we're trying to adjust the basically unfair RAW system.

My goal is to keep things as simple as possible. Currently, we have this:
1/ each week that a killteam does not fight, it gets 1 cache automatically
2/ if a team A has played more games than a BB team (a &nd b games respectively), then B team gets: (a-b-1)*100 to spend for temporary reinforcements for this game.
Example: if you start with a team against someone who played three games, you get 200 pts (eg 1200 total) to spend on your roster, 200 of which you will "loose" before next game (unless you commit to buying some of this).

Here is my proposal, to adjust it a bit (because it is not perfect).
1/ Point value
Each killteam has a point value. It is equal to: members+equipments (+skills?). It has to be updated after each game.
2/ Balancing
For each game, a killteam tha has a lower value than its opponent gets bonus reinforcements for that game. It can be adding equipment and/or recruiting members.
The value of this temporary reinforcement is: (difference in points)-100
Prepare a temporary roster for that situation.
3/ Retiring
A killteam which value is above 2000 (? to be confirmed) must retire.
A killteam which gets (number of caches)/(20) > 1.5 (threshold to be adjusted, 20 is for 20 games or so) must retire.
Earliest to retire, or ones to retire with as little games as possible "win" the campaign, if that means a thing for someone.

Thoughts and C&C for both proposals?