Simple Legacy Gangs + Outlanders, Proxies and Alternative Models Sheet

So we are kicking off a new campaign at my home just outside of Washington DC and I'll be most likely running it. I'll be wanting to use as many of the other gangs as possible (Beyond what's included with the legacy gangs sheet), and like most people I can't be bothered waiting for GW to come out with something official, which means trying to come up with some simple "treat as" for gangs to cover gang creation and "count as" type rules for weapons and roles, and agreements on what is kosher as a third party model proxy (while keeping everything as WYSIWYG as possible etc.

The goal is to have a simple way of playing the following:
  • Legacy House Gangs
  • Arbites/Enforcers
  • Spyrers
  • Ratskin Renegades
  • Redemptionists
  • Scavvies
  • Cultists
  • Ash Waste Nomads
  • Anything else cool...

Heres V1.0 of what I'm working on for our group, until GW comes out with something to cover all the cool stuff we have floating around. Keen for any suggestions for improvements etc.

Heres what I've got so far:

Thoughts/comments/suggestions/link to something where someones done it better (saving me messing around)?
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Dec 19, 2017
Eureka, CA
I will just say from a balance perspective, cawdor and redemptionist who use cawdor's rules are pretty significantly behind most of the other gang's rules at this point. reason being of the legacy gangs, they are the only CC gang and yet lack any of the tools or weaponry to make close range work for them. I'm not saying exclude them, but if you do use them consider allowing them to be combat/ferocity primary instead of combat/brawn on their champs and leaders. That goes a long way to restoring their playstyle as zealous cultist band trying to burn the evil out of everything instead of being a sub-par version of Goliath.
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