Six thousand years?! And other GoMo fluff questions


Aug 26, 2018
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Yeah, that does make a lot more sense! thanks :)

With reference to the original 6000 years question, there is a blurby background box on page 4 of Da Uvver book stating that the Imperium named the world and sent ships to explore and investigate it "hundreds of years ago". Assuming this is referring to the Eternal Vigilance and Angelis Base station reports, this suggests that at the time of Gorkamorka being set is still in M35/36.

A zogging long time ago from the 'current' 40k timeline.

EDIT: So the night stalkers are Necrons most likely? What other theories are out there?
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Jul 12, 2011
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2. Where do the Orks get all their vehicle fuel?

Their vehicles are gas powered. Not as in "gasoline" (British game - we'd say petrol if that's what was meant) but as in the one after liquid. Presumably something like methane derived from biogas. Check out page 93 of Da Uvver Book - top of the right column. Gas pressure is mentioned.

Just going to pop this here from P77 of 'Ere We Go as a bit of additional proof.

Screenshot 2022-05-10 190654.jpg
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Nov 11, 2014
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While I could see ork society staying static and humans degenerating, over 6000 years I’d say the humans probably would have re-evolved into a different society (compare modern society to 4000 BC society).

As for fuel; I kinda imagined them harvesting Prometheum from the planet somehow. But it’s fun to imagine the orks feeding special mushrooms to Grots or Squigs so they pee burnable fuel. Would help explain all the Grots in some crews.

Our own @Kon-rad has been sculpting digga women. You should totally check out his thread and gallery.
Cheers Punktauku. Beat me to it. I was going to answer the "What's the position of women in Digga society?" question with, "Any zoggin' position dey wantz!"
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