N18 Skaven-themed GSC - Suggestions


Gang Hero
Apr 7, 2018

So far, I've gone the "Clan Shrykt" route...
The Clan disappeared through a giant gnaw gate in the warhammer fantasy lore and was never seen again, in my current campaign, Clan Shrykt has reappeared and used their creativity to "enhance" the tech of Necromunda to their own designs, creating wierd, powerful and dangerous weapons, giving themselves crazy augmentations and so on... :)

I know what you are going at with the Hrud, but to me, it feels like GW made an oopsie and jumped away from the 40k Skaven.
And a Jezzail is just another word (arabian maybe?) for long rifle...

Even though I love the old school art of the Hrud, those small critters with the cloaks! :D
Nice project! Imo Cawdor works best as a foundation for a Skaven gang as both are clothed in rags and favour quantity over quality, In addition both are religious nuts so models covered in candles won´t look out of place to appease the Horned Rat. Have fun digging tunnels in the Underhive in the search for some precious warp stones.