N18 Slave Ogryn Gang Assembled


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May 8, 2020
Finished assembling my Slave Ogryn gang for Necromunda yesterday.

There was a bit of converting required to make a sensible gang as the box itself is woefully limited in terms of options and bits offered.

I had to use bits from Orruk Brutes, Bullgors, the Bullgryn kit, a lascannon from Space Marines and various bits and bobs from other Necromunda kits. Oh and there is a Bloodbowl Ogre in there as well as it fits in thematically and in terms of size/built.

I am happy I did them but I cannot in good faith recommend the kit to anyone not able to source bits unless you only want 1-2 Ogres as Brutes for your other gangs, in which case the kit should be ok. But for a full gang...shameful effort this one on the part of GW.

All in all the options I have available with these chaps are:

The Bloodbowl Ogre will be used to represent a dual augmetic fists loadout.

Two chaps with dual bladed melee weapons (they will stand in probably as axes - given the difficulty in converting these chaps I am not hearing a word from anyone about bladed melee weapons needing to be exactly what they are meant to represent :)).

One guy with only one arm and a spudjacker on the other.

Another, similarly with only one arm but a rock saw.

A fella with a lascutter and a melee weapon.

A chap with dual arc welders.

Finally a guy with an arc welder and a melee weapon.

Hopefully the above will suffice in terms of providing various options for a campaign. Any thoughts/comments will of course be welcome and appreciated.

I agree on the deficiencies of the kit, I used a lot of Ork Nobz arms to make dual axe wielding Lobo slaves, and replaced part of the arm of one of my guys with a Genestealer Cult rock saw, which actually worked out really well.

But yes, not a good kit for anyone who wants to just make a gang "out of the box", then again I believe the origins of the Ogryn gang was the release of the two model kit for gang brutes, but someone in GW loved the models so much they made rules for a whole gang of them.

Your models look great, good job!