Necromunda Slaver Gang


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Aug 30, 2014
So from a small piece of fluff, a thread emerges...

I had the idea of building a slaver gang, more because of discussions on how slaving works than anything else. Necromunda is such a fun place, and looking around is a large part of that for me; it's a great lens for 40k.

I've always liked the sm scouts (more than the marines anyhow) so I bought a plastic box and did a bit of light removals (holsters, insignia, shoulderpads) before deciding to go for Catachan arms. Its unusual for me to build a gang from a single source but I'm sadly short on materials these days....

I'm figuring these will be some top-notch Van Saar suits, because these guys have Guild approval of course ;) those five will be my leader (Slaver) and four gangers (Slave Drivers). I'm hoping to up the tech element and minimize the oversized-Titan-weapon look, but we'll see. Expect lots of needless goggles. Obviously we'll have Catty heads as well, I do have plans for some slightly more interesting features:

-A couple of pitslaves made of digga drivers and tau legs/ elfskirts (because I want to okay?)
-A Techno, looks like I'm going for an Imperial doctor look
-homemade pit slave weapons/servo arms/hopefully not too much else. I say that, this is all very tame really.

I'm sure we'll be fine...
Awesome idea, and maybe have some Xenos Pit slaves, as that would probably be ok with the Imperium, so the Guilds would abuse the crap out of that.
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We've always avoided xenos in our games, don't really know why... Perhaps this would be a good way to break the threshold...

Never thought I'd say this but thanks, Narwhal King!
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You should try and find bitz off this guy:

or even the new Runtherd. In one of the comps someone did a rather awesome model of a shackled prisoner that could be inspirational, but I can't remember who or which one (so maybe not so helpful). Oh, and this dude if you could find him would be ideal:

This is a neat idea! Good luck.