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Aug 30, 2014
An idea I was playing with recently (I've actually started some preliminary model work), a gang composed of slavers.

After some flufftalk we hit across some hurdles-

What kind of slaves? We only hear about pit slaves (as in fighting pit, not mine pit) but presumably there are slaves with two hands too.

Would they enslave people? No, the guilders deliver slaves.

Would they work the slaves? Possibly, but this could be done by those who are running the sites.

So I came to the idea that these guys are delivering slaves to various enterprises, which would logically mean they get paid per contract. Hence they should (I think) use Outlander territories (but not be outlaws), with some payoff for slaves who actually make it there....

In terms of gang makeup I'm thinking it *could* be as large as:
Slaver (gang leader)
Techno (from pit slave gang)
Servitor (pitslaves again)
Heavy Scum(on hire from some bar)
Scout (just a Juve with local knowledge, fluff/mini idea)
Drivers (gangers)
Pit Slaves
Slave Scum (ganger w/stub gun or hth)

I wouldn't take all of these options of course, and I'd like to refine the list a little, any thoughts please.

The pit slaves are very hth, and a gang including them and gangers with range would possibly be OTT, so I was thinking about a system to flick between pit slaves and joe-with-a-stubber types (or even juves) when it came to deployment.

So I'd buy 4 pit slaves at recruitment, and to represent the dropping off and picking up along this band's route, every time I battle I roll for each slave to see what kind I have.

Of course there are infinite other systems, I'd love to hear your ideas. In some ways it seems I should be 'selling' the slaves at the end of a route, but that brings up the uncomfortable idea of slaves (and their wounds) disappearing from the roster...

All feedback appreciated :)
One way to go, was to make a new type of hired gun: 'Hive Slaves ' or something like that, that works just like a hired gun (no xp/advances, no access to new equipment, cannot work territories etc.), but instead of paying hire fee each game, you only pay a one time fee, for buying the Hive Slave. Maybe they can start with a random advance, and you can choose from a couple of different loadouts (nothing fancy). In this way, all gangs could get access to slaves, and you can build you you own slave gang, with all the slaves you want =)

These hive slaves, would probably be pretty crappy, but if they were cheap enough (or didn't impact rating too much), they could work. And maybe consider having similar special rules like Plague Zombies have, that they do not effect bottle rolls and other practical stuff.

To stop gangs from having too many slaves, there could be a special rule, that you roll for a slave rebelion during post-game of each match, and the roll is strongly effected by the ratio of slaves/non-slaves you have in the gang, or something like that.
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Interesting idea, thankyou. But then, would I buy hive slaves and pitslaves? Because gamewise I know which I'd prefer...

However using slaves as hired guns does kind of work, not too sure about the disappearing injuries or how a slaver gang would generate cash.

I do like the idea of having to bear in mind a slave rebellion tho :)

Cheers for the look, I really appreciate it. I was thinking pit slaves would be rubbish at foraging...
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But then, would I buy hive slaves and pitslaves? Because gamewise I know which I'd prefer...

Well, if you are designing the Hive Slaves, I guess you could make them in a way where you would prefer them over Pitslaves ;)

Also, if you are a lawfull gang, Pitslaves give you terrible modifiers on outlawed table
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Well, I wouldn't want to make them hardcore. The reason I came up with the idea was to make sure the shooty/hth combo didn't OP the gang.

Having spoke with my friend last night I'm now milling over whether the slaves would even have pistols... Idk.
So I'm thinking slavers will need a techno and maybe a Servitor for choices, I'll drop the heavy scum/scout ideas because who needs new?

Which leaves me with a list that looks like:
Slave Master (gang leader)
Techno (from ps gang)
Servitor (ditto)
Slave Drivers (gangers)
Pit Slaves

Really not sure about the slaves. ATM I'm thinking at recruitment of slaves, roll to see how many games you have them for (this reflects slaves being delivered by the gang). During that time they can level up, and after they are dropped off you gain money and pick up more slaves. In between the gang uses the Outlanders territory but is not outlawed. I may need to put some modifiers on foraging (how well can a one-armed man forage anyway) for balance, not sure yet.

Alternatively I could apply that system to hive slaves and say the pitties are a permanent feature of the gang, the most trusted and useful slaves that act as guide and guard.

Any thoughts, please comment :)
The problem with making a contract based gang, rather than territory, is that all that goes out the window with a map based campaign. Perhaps my territories could represent places the slaves are sent to?
Have you seen the guilder gangs resource in the vault?

That has everything you said (from memory it has servitors, pitslaves (0-4), gangers (hired hands), the guilder (slaver), and a bookkeeper (for keeping books)). This gives you a gang that plays differently but still similarly. It's income in based on its rating... I think its the rating divided by 100 (so 1250 rating gives you 125 income) that is then washed through the normal table.

If you dont like that income, maybe the lift the income from journeymen gangs in the ash wastes setting.

For map based... if you are assigning hexs territory, then your gang 'holds' them and others can take em, but your gang doesnt work them to gain income it uses its own income method, and if you are worried about randomly losing them, its that the stealing gang rolls up a random law abiding territory to 'take over' or 'loot'.

Just my 2 creds, might be some useful ideas... if not, ignore! :)
Yes sir spafe sir SIR! *salutes*

I haven't seen the gilded gang, and its been a while since I looked at the journeymen. I'll check that out, thanks. Not too sure about the gang holding territory, but maybe I'm snowflaking :) anything to avoid making rules would be better.

I am confused about your last point tho... Many thanks for those creds, much needed
last point... about the territory holding? I was in response to you saying that the problem comes with 'contract based gang' in a map based campaign. bascially jsut to not worry about it, it shouldnt make a difference.

Thats the guilder gang link. It is from ORB so ignore costs of weapons etc and use the ones from NCE, but otherwise you should be golden (also talk it over with your group as to whether they are happy for you to use the pit slave entry from the pit slave gang as that has changed a fair bit too from what I recall).
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Many thanks for an in-depth and concise reply! I see how you earned your stripes.

Are you at all familiar with the journeymen?
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I am, they would be my gang of choice if my group ever gets round to an ash wastes gang!

I love their income system too.

What part of it are you considering?
Playable currency? Slaves should certainly be currency on Commoragh, but down in the depths of the underhive, they are misunderstood victims of a totalitarian criminal (in)justice system trying to make a life on the lamb. Just like in movies :D:rolleyes:

What about a take on the Scavvy hiring zombies mechanic, where it is like bringing D3 slaves to a mission? Keep them alive and get an extra income perk by delivering them to freedom?
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I gots me them interwebs.

As far as keeping the gang differentiated from Pit Slaves, you could add some caveat about hiring Pit Slaves being some added detriment to the gang at the offset of the perks of their potency. Maybe some sort of take on @Doogysama's Terror in the Hive! Redux rules where the gang is trying hard to slip under the radar and as a result starts as a non-Outlaw gang but with stiffer modifiers that more or less forces them into their Outlaw status within a campaign. Gives them a period to mature in order to remain competitive throughout or something.

To expand on the D3 Slaves hirees thing I mentioned above, they would be some specific caste of slaves and not the basis of the gang, but could be used to provide income beyond the standard territory control of the game system. Maybe like they have to start within 12" of the centre of the board, and then for each one that does not Bottle or go OOA they represent your gang delivering them to some sort of sanctuary. Maybe only let them carry knives and give them low Leadership and Initiative values. Means that every game you bring them, they can either be fodder (possibly a further negative modifier on the Outlaw table if you treat them as too expendable) or they can be a sub-mission objective. Raid this caravan and make sure these guys in shackles and orange jumpsuits don't get lit up, and you get a reward of sorts. Alternatively, if it is not the same motive as Pit Slave gangs being fleeing for freedom, if they are gangs under Guilder contract that are moving slaves (with some of the more potent fighters being offered the chance of employment in the gang as a means to escape slavery), then you could tailor the fluff to be more Slave Traders than Slave Runners.
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