Necromunda Small Scale Munda


Jan 5, 2021
Greetings hive scum!

I'm doing an intro game day of Necromunda to my local hobby group and it'll be a (mostly) multilayer affair (4 ish) and when needed I'll step in as some evil doer/bigger threat Arbitrator style.

Basically I'll be using the rules set up from the Gang Raid WD supplement sp no brutes/leaders/hired guns etc and likely I'll be supplying the gangs for folk to use.

How many credits do you think each gang list should be?

I think about 500 credits but open to ideas.

P.s.No cider was consumed prior to this post 🤣
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Oct 25, 2021
To show the game and keep things simple I would do the following

Everyone has the same gang regardless of mini used and the guns on the mini. As for the gang, I would use one of the simpliest, Orlock. As for the value, skip that part and just make a selection, here's an exemple below (I've mostly ignored what Orlock can equip and just selected a good and simple gear list. Let the players worry about what they would want for their own gang, and what is actually available when they will make a proper gang.

1x Leader - Flamer, autogun, sword, mesh armor, Nerves of Steel
The flamer will teach template weapons and the sword Parry, simple skill

1x Champion - Heavy Stubber, sword, mesh armor, Nerves of Steel
Heavey stubber to teach rapid fire

2x Ganger - autogun, two-handed hammer
the hammers will teach knockback

2x Juves - autopistol, fightning knives
the knives will teach backstab if the situation happens