N18 Sneak Attack Relic Deployment

Discussion in 'Scenarios & Tactics' started by UncleFester, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. UncleFester

    UncleFester Ganger

    In Sneak Attack scenario, it says to deploy the Gang Relic within 6" of an edge. It then says Attacker deploys within 4" of any edge, even clarifying, "all edges" are available.

    So Attacker could deploy his whole gang about 2" from the objective.

    I am sure this is a mistake, right? It should be that the Relic deploys within 6" of the center, right?
  2. My group plays this scenario often and we assume it was a typo and was meant to say " within 6" of the middle of the board". This makes the scenario at least playable. That being said it's still an exceptionally hard up hill battle for the defender, but it was designed that way
  3. I believe the intention is "not within 6" of an edge". That's also a more easily made typo.
  4. Alobar

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    In the first rulebook this appeared in, the wording was indeed within a few inches of the centre (can't remember exact words).
    When asked why the rules were changed so dramatically for the compendium, enabling such an easy win, the specialist games team said the changes were deliberate. So it's not a typo, according to their email response monkey...
    our group has banned that scenario as it's beyond playable with those words, and implementing a house rule to change it would be too difficult for the number of players we have, and as you've hinted at, it's still a very win for the attacker and potentially no fun for either player...
  5. Jacob Dryearth

    Jacob Dryearth Gang Hero

    It was within 8" of the center in the Underhive rulebook. Why ban the scenario when you can just fix it?
  6. Alobar

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    Agree it’s a simple fix, but with 15 players often playing in groups of 2-4 little changes like this get missed too often. This ain’t the only issue with it. The sentries rules are broken too, massively.
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  7. What donyid think's wrong with sentries?
  8. enyoss

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    Off the top of my head the following is a bit weird:

    - sentries don’t get alerted if shot and pinned
    - sentries on fire aren’t alerted
    - weapons fired by sentries don’t raise the alarm
    - sentries can’t open doors
    - sentries can be broken by other sentries going seriously injured within 3”, without actually being alerted
    - sentries can suddenly bottle and walk off the board even if they don’t know their mates have been taken OOA

    Only one of those (broken sentries) is a corner case - all the rest are common occurences.

    There’s more I’m forgetting too.
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  9. Valar

    Valar Juve

    That is a lot of bad things I’d never thought of before!
  10. Jacob Dryearth

    Jacob Dryearth Gang Hero

    Yeah I feel that. I tried to keep my deviations from the books concise to make sure people would actually read it. It still ended up being 2 pages of house rules & errata, and 3 pages of campaign events.

    Just played a sentry game Saturday, but the alarm was raised before any of the those strange edge casses popped up.
  11. Oh yeah.
    I agree completely.
    When I last played sentries me and my opponent agreed to use the old rules, which covers all of those situations.
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