N18 Spyker as an Outcast Leader


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Jul 8, 2022
I am trying to figure out how to apply the outcast rules when elevating a Spyker as an outcast gang leader and have a couple questions.

1. Do I need to take the Wyrd archetype? My interpretation is that he is already an unsanctioned psyker so I could go with something else more flexible like Mastermind.

2. Do I get a starting skill? Spyker comes with 3 base powers and no skills. Do I get a skill or just my base powers?

3. Can I take any equipment? Starting out? After the first game?

4. Alternately could I use the rules on page 27 to replace starting equipment and skills with outcast leader equipment and skills? Looking for an opinion on this especially since technically a spyker has no equipment or skills.

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As a primer, you might start with inventing Cold Fusion. And, then take on this project.
What a jokester! Without a deep dive into the rather loosely worded Outcasts rules that try to do EVERYTHING. I would say you go with the particular profile's thang. A Spyker is a psyker. Make it so! Does the Spyker normally get a skill in addition to psychics? I'd go with the profile. If the profile does not come with a skill (Delaque Juve), give'em one? Choosing a Spyker opens up the possibility to arm up your Outcasts like Delaques. Which always begs the question for me, why not play Delaques?

I think I didn't "get" the excitement of using ANY profile for a Leader. I used one of the pre-Squat, Squat profiles to get some use out of a Forge World fig. And, because, it was one of the only two Squats produced for any GW game in 20 years. Leading a very mediocre mob of Outcasts. And, not really accomplishing much. Wish you much more luck and success.
Okay, so, this is all technically how it is written (as far as I can tell):

You choose the spyker, he comes with the stats shown, and the special rules (non-sanctioned psyker, flight and part of the crew*). they also come with the wyrd powers**.

You then choose a archtype and affiliation (note. dont take mastermind as non sanctioned psyker allows access to powers anyway).

You then choose to swap the special rules and equipment from the spyker to the outcast leader (ie, trade none away and gain gang leader, gang hierarchy, tools of the trade, group activation (2) and skills. you also then gain the ability to have whatever weapons and wargear you like as part of the outcast leader option rather than wargear only and no weapons which is the spyker restriction.

Note, you only do the above at that stage (bullet point 2) in order to unlock the equipment/weapon access. Bullet point 3 only gives you access to wargear, not weapons so would screw you if you didnt, and bullet point 4 gives you the skills anyway.

you end up with a spyker stats, special rules as per the spyker and the outcast leader, access to weapons and wargear (to rarity 9 on creation), and one primary skill (because of the special rule 'skills' in the outcast leader profile that you gain) chosen from whatever primary skill table you unlock with your archtype (or another power from the generic psyker lists).

*logic says you lose part of the crew special rule as it isnt applicable, but techincally you should be forced to keep it, meaning the moment he takes a lasting injury they would be removed from the roster (the xp and advances are superceeded by the elevating a leader procedure). However this is such a stupid thing for anyone to insist upon as it negates the spirit of the thing.

**technically there is no mention of wyrd powers as something that is retained (as they are not a special rule, skill or equipment), but I would suggest that the whole point of doing this is for the powers not the 'amazing' stat line our leader is left with, so they should carry through regardless.
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So, Cold Fusion.

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