N18 Squat ‘Stoneburner’ in close combat (Power Pack andSidearm traits)

Aug 9, 2015
Sunderland, UK
So, Squat Prospectors ‘Stoneburner’ has the POWERPACK and SIDEARM traits. Rules for these as below

…If the weapon also has the Melee trait it can be used in addition to any other weapon carried by the fight granting an additional close combat attack.”

… Weapons with this Trait can be used to make ranged attacks, and can also be used in close combat to make a single attack. ”

It does not have the MELEE trait. It feels as if, RAI, that having the SIDEARM trait should trigger POWERPACK to work in the same way as if it did have the MELEE trait… ie. Can be used to grant an additional attack, on top of any attacks from already using 2 weapons in close combat (its a shoulder mounted short range energy weapon, and doesn’t take up any hands). But does it? It reads as if it doesn’t, and can only be chosen as one of two weapons to use.
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I agree, sadly - as written it feels like its being disallowed from benefitting, as written. When it seems like it's intended to be very attractive, right?

So, say, for a Charter Master with a powerfist, power hammer, circular stone saw and stoneburner. you'd expect at least 2 base + 1 from 2ccw + 1 first powerpack weapon (stonesaw) + 1 second powerpack weapon (burner) for 5 attacks. (6 on the charge, neat!)

But that seems disallowed. Perhaps there was an earlier version of the rules where the sidearm powerpack weapons were a little too good?

You might get the bonus attack with, e.g. a Charter Master with IH Heavy Stubber, Power Axe, and Stone Burner. E.g. 2 base attacks with power axe, +1 from two weapons by pairing a melee & sidearm.
You could likely do the same with e.g. Charter Master with IH Autogun, Stonesaw & Stoneburner - they'd get 2 attacks with the stonesaw and one with the burner? Maybe if you'd started out on a cheap Overseer CM, and didn't want to overload their hands early on?!
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I‘ve just gone a Gem Extractor so can build a power pack on model. Is also much cheaper.

As you say, could be is just intended to allow you to have a heavy weapon, AND a melee weapon and stone burner so you can still get a bonus attack dice for two close combat weapons you wouldn’t normally be able to with a heavy.
I don't remeber the exact wording, but I believe that you can have only one powerpack items either CCW or stoneburner.
Nope, can definitely take up to two weapons with the power pack trait.

A weapon with this trait is worn mounted on the power pack of an Ironhead Squat Prospector and does not count towards the maximum number of weapons a fighter can carry. However, a fighter cannot have more than two weapons with this trait.

If the weapon also has the Melee trait it can be used in addition to any other weapon carried by the fighter, granting an additional close combat attack”
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