N18 Squats- Stubborn to the Last question


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Feb 12, 2023
H,i new to Necromunda and have been playing a campaign as IH Squats.

I have recently added the skill Stubborn to the Last to a champ and have had some conflicting issues with the Rules of it.

It states that when a fighter is taken out of action, before being removed from the table they may Immediately make either a shoot (basic) or fight(basic) action even if they do not have a ready marker.

The issue/question is if this ability still works even if the fighter is seriously injured before they are taken out of action?

A few people in our campaign see it as an extra action that allows you to immediately take a shoot action no matter what state you are in (pinned, seriously injured, etc)

However, we have a couple people saying that as you are seriously injured the rules specify that you can only make the crawl (double action) so that the skill is useless when seriously injured.

Any help with this is much appreciated!
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When are you ever able to make a Shoot action when taken OoA without being Pinned or Seriously Injured? You need to have another skill/ability to prevent pinning then? Or taken OoA from Versatile attack, very niche. On the other hand, what about Blind? Blaze? Broken? Insane - use stubborn to shoot at friendlies?

For close combat at least you won't be Pinned but still the issue of Seriously Injured.

One possible way to fix this is to use the stste the stubborn fighter was in before the attack. For example if shooting a pinned fighter? Stubborn can online Blind Fire.