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Discussion in 'GorkaMorka' started by Knuffe, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. Knuffe

    Knuffe Juve

    If there is one place Squats (Dwarves Disbanded from 40k could and maybe should reemerge), it would be in Gorkamorka. Has this been done?
  2. Flamekebab

    Flamekebab Gang Hero
    Gorkamorka Warboss

    Gorkamorka's main setting, Angelis, has a bit of a tough problem: it specifically says that it's a dead world ("Even bacteria, viruses and other nano-organisms are missing." - page 101 of Da Uvver Book).

    Alternate settings like Da Deff Islands don't have that problem but as far as I know there's no port of the Squats rules.
  3. Ben_S

    Ben_S Hive Guilder

    If you don't like greenskins, I imagine you could use (pretty much) the same rules for Squat biker gangs battling it out over some planet of their own. I wouldn't expect Squats on Angelis though.
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  4. Knuffe

    Knuffe Juve

    No I like greenskins. I just liked the idea. The little i know of the Squats may not fit the Idea.

    Imagine a lost squat space transport escaped the doom of their kin. (I remeber someone once said perhaps they were mostly wiped out by the tyranids) Lost in time and space, to unforseen circumstances while looking for a new world to terraform and settle. Their transport suddenly appear and crash on this barren planet. Orks gleefully see this as a sign from the great Gorkamorka. More scrap to be salvaged, and a added gift. Lots of funny shorties to fight!
  5. Flamekebab

    Flamekebab Gang Hero
    Gorkamorka Warboss

    I'm not sure when in the timeline the Squats meet their doom but Gorkamorka's timeline can be found here.
  6. Knuffe

    Knuffe Juve

    There is a timeline? I was under the belief that each edition of 40k was a alternate reality. That would explain how some elite units become so fubar after a edition change. ;)

    I shall read this timeline and challeange my ignorance.
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  7. Flamekebab

    Flamekebab Gang Hero
    Gorkamorka Warboss

    I've heard some people argue that 40K has no canon. I disagree (as I don't really see how that can work at all!).

    There's no reason one can't use Gorkamorka's rules but set the campaign on a different planet though, or at a different time!
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  8. djmothra

    djmothra Magister Competere
    Yak Comp 2nd Place Yak Supporter

    They could be Miners...Ahem...I mean Diggas :D
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  9. Kon-rad

    Kon-rad Gang Champion

    race91.jpg gottit.jpg Who sez there's no Stunties!
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