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Aug 16, 2017
It isn't even made in the shape of a giant skull and there doesn't seem to be even ONE gothic arch...
Isn't that fitting, considering that it predates the Imperial Grimdark™ design aesthetic by several millennia?

Or at least that's how I've always figured these things worked - that back in the Golden Age everything was sleek & functional high-tech & then the Dark Age of Technology happened and people collectively decided to start bolting skulls on everything. 💀


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Apr 4, 2017
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Maybe the Van Saar modified it with their symbol? Like marking it “this is ours”. That could open the possibility that their blasphemous modification screwed the STC up so now it somehow leaks radiation.
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Mar 29, 2016
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Or, in the usual GW way, the Van Saar symbol is taken FROM the visuals of an STC's "armatures surrounding a display screen." Reverse-engineering the reasons for a thing is a time-honored Citadel/GW tradition. Or will have been. Heh!

Of course, then we wonder "so the Van Saar have for centuries used the image of an STC as their House symbol, and no one has noticed?" Well, no one who is LOOKING has, at any rate.

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Nov 22, 2011
Considering any and all AdMech hunts for STCs would have had pattern recognition in image searches throughout all available databases (and Necromunda wouldn't have been missed out in all of them), that a house icon would have been catalogued in Imperial archives, and it would have been found by now...

Could GW just stop trying to retcon/force their own history with this game? Functionally, the community could come up with better, more in-universe backstory for Necromunda, as well as keeping it in line with the actual history from N95.

Van Saar could be a more technological house due to improved ties with AdMech dignitaries when the planet was first being colonised (and in preceding centuries improved said ties) providing labour/facilities to AdMech installations on the planet more suited to their needs than what other houses can provide, as well as more secretive collaborations for AdMech work that requires less Imperial oversight being made through secret back channels. This would result in more quid pro quo from the AdMech for Van Saar, leading to a symbiotic relationship between them on Necromunda that gives Van Saar that edge over the other houses.

Just spitballing, but ^ is more in-universe a reason for Van Saar having better tech, better knowledge and also not being absolutely ruined by AdMech coming in and (re)claiming an STC.
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