Starn's Disciples - Genestealer Cult


Gang Hero
Yak Comp 1st Place
Starn's Disciples go pre-order this weekend, and I've been taking a look at what is in the box. They sound like they're going to be an absolute beast! Especially with the new Arena expansion. The tight corridors may limit your charges a bit, but playing smart could see you marching through you opponent. Plus, the models look amazing, too! Combining the new models in with your established cult shouldn't be an issue either, giving you some awesome new abilities to take advantage of, especially Starn's gunslinging.
I've linked to my blog taking a look at the new stuff below


May 24, 2017
Corvallis, Oregon
I picked them up; they're really great. Sextor Fronteris on the other hand is a bit disappointing considering it's about half the thickness of all the other killzones