Hello all!
I am a relatively new wargamer, and even newer to the world of Necromunda.
I would not call myself poor, but I have a rather "restrictive spending" mother and father and as such I simply cannot shell out hundreds of shmeckles on Necromunda models (as much as I'd love to!)
Instead, I realised I have two unused sets of 'Militarum Tempestus' (I'm new but even I really call them Stormtroopers) as well as a set of skitarii vanguard heads. With the mix of domed helmets, carapace armour and a diverse range of weaponry, I am considering starting an enforcers gang.
I understand many people disapprove of beginners using Outlander gangs, and I can see why, however I would like to do this as my club is a rather strict WYSIWYG and this is the cheapest (effectively costless!) way of playing this game I have read so much about.
For anyone recommending I wait till the new release, I would like to get a full gang which can run on ORB and focus the new models on NCE and Neomunda rules- depending on how good those rules turn out to be.
Whilst this plan seems solid in my head, I have a few queries. First, I have a distinct lack of basic weapons. Where can I find these, preferrably in plastic? Secondly, what weapons would you advise I arm my dudes with? How can I construct a cyber-doggo? And finally, is this even a good idea?
All feedback will be appreciated, but I would like it if it was more constructive than a simple "No, noobs cannot use outlander gangs". Im sure no-one on this fine site would say that.
I look forward to reading your comments, and thank you for taking the time to read this!
if you’ve got the time, there are some awesome scratch-made shotguns and shotgun conversions in people’s threads here. most were made from IG lasguns, but some were scratch built. the shotgun was the weapon of choice for Arbites in the original. plus grenade launcher:
Get some marine scouts - these are cheap since their incorporation in a boxed game not so long ago (or were when I was buying some), have wicked looking combat shotguns, and the kit comes with lots of useful pouches, sights and other accessories.
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I've attached links to what should be all the discussions on the forum about the Enforcers rules variants. The decision was to not include them in the OCE update, and as such general practice would arguably be that it is acceptable to play with some form of house ruling or a write up based on a combined selection of what elements you want in your patrol team balanced as properly as possible (this is what I did for the Alt Ratskin rules linked in my signature).

The chosen rules might help you decide on some sort of background fluff or inspiration to homage, and that could help you in choosing your miniatures. If you do go current GW plastics, consider making more than one gang with the purchase of new models and then mix and match bits. Between the Cadian, Catachan, and SM Scout plastic kits, I have an Enforcer gang, an Orlock gang, and a Van Saar gang, so that might help shape their design style. If you do go SM Scouts, look for some leg and torso spares. Also worth looking into, the 4 door Scout Landspeeder is a very cool model, and comes with 5 torsos and arm sets. Would not be difficult to convert the Landspeeder into an enclosed vehicle, and then you could very suitably paint it to belong to the precinct. A good purchase as far as sourcing bits to put bodies in the squad. A 12 to 15 Patrolmember sized collection would allow for some H2H options, good ole shotguns, and then a bit of longer range Bolter support and a Heavy. Easier to just use bits site pieces from the Sniper Scouts box to get the missile launcher or a Long Las and then add that to the standard box than buying the whole thing. For Cyber Mastiff proxies, look in the Alt Minis Necro thread. The Ogryn kits right now look mighty Necro-appropriate with the heavily armoured build, so having one as a hired gun would be fun in game and a really cool chance for some hobbying diversity within the single project.

@Mad Robot has some great alt bits to flesh them out further, as do the likes of Puppet Wars and MaxMini.eu, so getting some riot shields - even if they merely count as clubs in game to avoid too much rules/balance confusion - is a darn near failsafe way to give that police-state vibe.

Here's the links! :)

Enforcers, Enforcers, Enforcer Inventor, Enforcer starting gear, Alternate enforcers, or advice on house rules., Enforcer Bullgryn, Enforcers, Enforcers for OCE, Enforcers, Enforcers,
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simply cannot shell out hundreds of shmeckles
I knew it! I knew the scottish fiver wasnt really legal tender!

(I'm new but even I really call them Stormtroopers
Good lad!

I would like to get a full gang which can run on ORB
I will make the assumption you are aware the ORB is the old book from the 90's, and thats the group you play with... in which case Enforcers are not such a dodgy starting set, as half the issue with them in the NCE/OCE rules is that there are so many variants to choose from... if your group is playing ORB... then they have a GW official list... that I will now go and read before I give advice on patrol make up.

However for parts... bits sites if you dont want full kits, the stealer cultists shotguns are awesome... a few of them, a few bolters (I tend to imagine anyone who plays 40k will either have bolters or know a marine player with spare bolters), a heavy stubber from the stealer kit too, and then... special weapon from wherever. There is a lovely power maul and chainsword in the cultist kit too, and some nice ones in the stormies boxes you have. With the heads from the mech stuff... all thats left is to convert a shield out or 2 out of something and you have a good mix

Now my second thing would be, as you may have noticed, I say a lot of parts from the cultist box... I'd honestly suggest that as your only purchase... as the bodies from that can make a great van saar gang... and it gives you autoguns, lasguns cost peanuts if you dont already have them spare (I'm thinking you might do guard army hence the spare boxes?). That gives you shotguns for both enforcers and a couple to use in your van saars then.

in terms of equipment... I'd go bolt pistol and maul on the sarge, 1 special weapon, 1 stubber, 2 shotguns, 3 boltguns, and 2 with shields and mauls (if you go with a cultist box I think you will ahve 1 from each box allowing you to have one on the sarge and 2 on troopers.

Hope that helps a bit :)
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Thanks all! That was really helpful, and I am now no doubt going to go buy a box of Neopytes! I have a load of lasguns, yes, so that won't be an issue, and I will be looking at everything you have all said. Special thanks to you, Spafe, the Stealers box looks brilliant for what I'm needing!
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