N18 Starting chaos (1000 credits)

Discussion in 'Gangs & Loadout' started by Spenson, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Spenson

    Spenson New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I'm about to start a dominion campaign (probably sector mechanicus only) with some people. We're not playing 'soft' lists in other games, but we usually try to avoid cheesy lists unless we're playing in a big tournament.

    At first I wanted to play Van Saar, but though I love the minis, I'm not a fan of their playstyle. I decided to play chaos instead since we already have a GSC player.

    We also chose to play no more than 10 fighters at the start.

    Here's the gang: https://yaktribe.games/underhive/print/cards/43236

    The goal is to create 3 groups:
    - Demagogue + witch + flamer helot + club helot
    - Disciple + 2 helots
    - Disciple + 2 helots

    I'm not too sure about the skills except maddening visions and overwatch. Dark shield will be better later I think? Right now most of my fighters don't have any armor so I'm not sure about how effective it is.

    I considered playing a chaos spawn but I don't think it's that good when you have a lot of high terrain.

    Comments and critiques are welcome of course.
  2. el_guestos

    el_guestos Ganger

    Chaos spawn has run amok in our SM battles...just such a difficult thing to put down but tough enough that you really have to deal with it, has made all the difference for our chaos player despite not having amazing stats...
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