N18 Starting Enforcer Gang. 2xSquads + Captain [1000 Cred]


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Aug 31, 2022

I got invited to play Necromunda and while I played the original back in the days I have never played the 2017 version. So my current idea is to field enforcers and I managed to write down this 1000 cred starter list.

The idea is to have 2 squads of three people. The Vigilance Shields move up, the Patrolmen give cover fire with concussion and the sergeants clear house with the bolter. Meanwhile the Captain is running around chugging photon grenades on concussed targets and gas grenades at clumped up groups. He is also trying to arrest as many people as possible via restraining protocol. The latter mainly for fluff and in order to get some income from ransoming / bounties since it seems Enforcers are starved for cash. Also I didn't like most of the other skills.

Going forward the Subjugators should get a set of photon grenades each but other then that I am unsure where to take the band.

What do you think? Any advice. I think we play on tables with an above average amount of terrain and so far we have Van Saar, Orlock, Delaque, Venator and Escher in the group.
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Its thematic, which is cool, but in practice I imagine it will struggle with a lack of killing power.

Boltguns are decent, but your models are BS4+ average so will be hitting only one of those shots a turn (less if the opponent uses any cover), other guns will be alright for your first game or two but will get rapidly outclassed
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