N18 Starting Escher 1000 credits (house of blades)


Nov 20, 2017
Hi guys, i've decided to start collecting Escher and draft up a decent list for a 1000 credit dominion campaign later in the year. I just got the house of blades book today, it looks like crafting a list has become a bit tricky cause there's even more cool options to take.

Gang queen (spring up)-shock whip, combi bolter/needler, mesh armor - 245 pts

Death Maiden (spring up)-needle pistol, venom claw, -170 pts

Matriarch(spring up)-plasma gun, lasgun- 205 pts

4 lasgun sisters (one nominated specialist)- 220 pts

wyd runner-stiletto knife, stub gun, 1 phelynx- 120 pts

little sister-stiletto knife, stub gun- 45 pts

should come out to 990 points, thoughts and criticisms welcome! first purchases would be more mesh, hotshots, special weapon for the specialist, max out the phelynx on the wyld runner, maybe give the death maiden a second melee weapon.
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Probably spring up on the leader, dodge or spring up on the plasma champ, and maybe spring up on the death maiden. Since I don't think combat virtuoso works with the claw. I was going to physically build 3 death maiden models in case I want to do something else, with the other alternate builds being sword + plasma pistol, and then another with dual swords for combat virtuoso. But in this list I went with the basic build from the kit.
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If you wanted to, you could downgrade the Bolter-Needler to just be a Bolter. That would free up 25 points, giving you 35 overall, and you could use that to give the specialist a Needle Rifle.

But that's just a suggestion; the list looks fine as it is.

Other options to consider now or as upgrades later are the Shotgun (decent weapon with access to the excellent Acid Rounds), DumDum bullets for the Stub Guns (cheap S4), and Chem Synth on the Death Maiden or Needle Rifle specialist.

I'd also caution you about too many Phelynx on the Wyld Runner. If you go for 3 ratcats that's a T3 W1 model with no armour accounting for 220 points of your list. If you want more it's probably more sensible to spread them out amongst your leader and champions too; you can transfer them from the Wyld Runner between games as they are Wargear
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