N18 Starting Goliath: forgeworld?


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Nov 12, 2013
The Hague, Netherlands
Hello Everyone,

My gaming group is starting a Necromunda campaign using the new rules, and I'm thinking about starting a Goliath gang. Mainly because I like the Sumpkroc from forgeworld, and the gang seems like a nice change of pace from my shooty guardsmen in 40k.

Now I was thinking that since I'm already placing an order for a little reptillian friend, I might want to pick up one of the weapon sprues. But not having played a whole lot of necromunda, and never with a Goliath gang I'm not sure if the extra weapons are worth it. The heavy flamer and bolter both look pretty useful to me, but I can't seem to find a whole lot of Goliath rosters/lists that use them.

To start out I was thinking of getting:
- 1 Goliath Gang box
- 1 Sump kroc
- 1 Goliath 'Weapon set 2'

But maybe I'd be better of putting the money from the weapon set towards a 2nd box of gangers if I want more weapon options?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what would be most practical in a campaign.

Thanks in Advance,
Avoid the heavy flamer, it’s not great.

The Bolter, however, is. It’s a decent long range gun, and you can use it to support your combat guys.
Well... I try and stick to my budget to my self imposed budget in an attempt to keep my resin/plastic habit in check. Wich has been moderately successful so far. So I'll stick to a single set for now, although I might get the other later on.

Is the Heavy Bolter/Stubber the main appeal in those sets? Or are there other weapons of interest in there? I think I might have some handflamers and bolt pistols laying around, so that would leave a melta/flamer, (combi?)boltgun, and some melee weapons (that the kit seems to have plenty of). Bah... talking abour my budget has brought out my zensible side.
First of all, nobody here wants to be sensible with regards to their budget :D so you had better not go there. Second, are there other GW sprues that give you what you want without paying the forgeworld tax?

Well I want the Sumpkroc, the weapons are more of a "we think you'd like" suggestion by FW that I think I might like... but I'm not a 100% sure on.

I haven't built a list/roster for these guys yet and only read half the rules, so I don't really know what weapons I want/need. :)
Bolters get them, they are amazing! Goliaths lack good ranged support yeah grenade launchers but frag struggles to hurt and krak isn't as accurate. Rapid fire also means you will get multiple hits sometimes, 3" walk the bullets is amazing.

The heavy bolter is so much better than the stubber 18" short range for a plus 1 to hit and better stats I really question any one who takes the stubber...

For the heavy flamer combat shotguns have access to a reasonably easy rare trade ammo that turns them into a move and fire one.
Thanks for the advice everyone, and thanks for the links Blood Doner; I (briefly) tried searching but I must be doing something wrong. Search strings like "Goliath weapons" seem to be returning all posts that contain both those words in the body.. so I gave up after browsing through rhe first page or two.
If it's a choice between buying the weapons and buying another box of dudes, then buy the weapons. When you do make a goliath list it will only have about 7 or 8 dudes in to start off, so the ten you have should last a while.

Also, BOLTERS!!!
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Well more dudes would be an option, I get a small discount at my local hobbystore so a box of gangers would only be a little more than a weapon set after I factor in shipping from FW. It's not an either/or type of deal.

I'm just trying to work out if the weapon set(s) are a useful addition to the gang. If the real selling points of that set is the heavy bolter and a single bolter... I might leave the weapon set, and just get the kroc.
I would just get the kroc from FW and just buy some space marine bits for bolters and/or heavy bolters and chain weapons etc. Probably get you more of what you need since as you said the goliath sprue has lots of cc weapons
I would just get the kroc from FW and just buy some space marine bits for bolters and/or heavy bolters and chain weapons etc. Probably get you more of what you need since as you said the goliath sprue has lots of cc weapons

I was thinking about doing just that. I'm going to the store later today to pick up a box of gangers, I'll have a look if they have some Space marine scouts: that box will get me: a Heavy Bolter, 4 regular bolters, 4 shotguns, a chainsword, and a bunch of knives and pistols. And I can probably use the legs to make some juves if I mix then with a some catachan torsos I have laying around.
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