N18 Starting Orlocks, help is needed :)


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Jan 19, 2019
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Hi all,

long story short question.

I actually own 2 times the Orlock Gang Box, and both FW Weapon Sets.

Now I am thinking what to choose and how to build them, can you give me some advice?

I don't really wanna build up some dead models which I will never play, u know what I mean?

Greetings Frank
Bolters are great and will see play. The two heavy weapons from the box not so much (stubber and harpoon), they are fun but not efficient. The heavy bolter is super cool and more than worth the credits. Regular shotguns are good but not in the box. I converted some of the combat shotguns over by putting sickle mags instead of drum, realized after typing you have the forge world make those shotguns! Combat shotguns are fine but a little expensive so a couple tops is all I'd build. Autoguns are good to have a few of as your cheap ganger option.

Double pistol and close combat weapon pistol are tempting but Orlock don't really do the combat thing so you can save the credits (flail pistol is still freaking cool if not efficient)

Stub pistol vs auto pistol is a thing I prefer stub for auto reload as I typically have the single pistol on fighters and want them to be assured of getting back in the fight.
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Can't be too specific as Orlock are one of the more flexible gangs in the game but from what I've observed
  1. Boltguns are always good even with 6+ reload
  2. Road Captains and Wreckers are the only good melee units
  3. Grenade Launchers and Plasma weapons are staples in any gang that can take them
  4. Your Juves are terrible don't pay for them
  5. The Wrecker is in my opinion the best Prospect unit in the game so far.
Hi you 2, thanks alot for the advice :)

so it seems you dont really suggest the Hammer on a standard ganger right? just for an Wrecker?
The two handed hammer is just bad (forge world kit) you could prolly get away with calling it an arc hammer but the one that comes with wreckers and arms masters is better looking.

Stats wise the two handed hammer adds a little hitting power but hits less often and is too expensive. It also takes up two of your three weapon slots. Typically a melee fighter is better suited in having a pistol and single handed melee weapon (those chains are flails and good), this way the fighter still has a weapon slot for a basic weapon later on.

Melee isn't something that works very well for Orlock in general across the gang. So the few fighters that do it need more efficient gear.
I love my Orlock gang. I miss the savant skills on my road sergeants as extra money and more dependable weapons (fixer and munitioneer) made them really feel like a certain biker gang with a nefarious reputation.

Bravado is okay and good for arms masters, I'm just really glad my arbitrator decided to change a few things.

Having the legendary names is just fun!
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Tzx mate,

I am sorry I have just one little last question.

These servo arm which is in the pack from GW is it worth, or better something else?

It all depends on your playgroup, the servo arm gives +2 Strength which is great vs Goliaths but functionally the same as strength 4 vs almost everything else add to this it doesn't have many additional bonuses like the Entangle of the flail or a bonus to hit and you can see the flaws in the weapon.

Admittedly it looks great on the models though, our Orlock player runs his leader with a plasma pistol and a servo arm (we have goliaths at the table)
What is above is about right. Servo arms are frickin cool but the strength bump isn't quite enough to get to a mechanical difference and the AP/damage isn't high enough.

I've used a twin auto pistol servo arm captain and wished I'd just gone with a power knife (power special rule is good and the knife is cheap). I felt the same way about the chainsword.

Final thing there are scabbards in the plastic so you could get away with calling the model armed with anything from a fighting knife to a power sword.
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I read on so many places that wreckers are good in meelee. Dunno, mine just deliver those nasty bombs. The more credits I get, the more bombs I add.
I’m a bit late to the party here but if you have two gang boxes and the two forge world weapon packs I would recommend building the following to start:
2 combat shotguns
2 autoguns
1 boltgun
1 shotgun
1 grenade launcher

If you can convert up one more boltgun and one more regular shotgun I would do that as well. That should cover all you regular gangers and specialist gangers for a couple of campaign then you can build out some champions and leaders.

Just because they are easy to build I would suggest building the following from the forge world sprues for options:
1 plasma gunner
1 melta gunner
1 flamer
1 heavy bolter

you can pick out three or four close combat builds that look good, but will only really get used for your leader. I have used a leader with servo claw and plasma pistol and a leader with servo claw and boltgun (clip the sawn off shotgun off and glue on a bolter). A leader with a chainsword and plasma pistol would do ok as well.

I would leave any other Bodie spare for when you start playing your campaign as you will want to build something different even after all of that and it helps having spares.

Also if your budget can stretch that far I would pick up a box of Arms Masters and Wreckers. They are cool looking models but are also quite good additions to an Orlock gang.