N18 Starting Outcasts in Cinderak burning campaign


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Sep 17, 2020
Hello, my gaming group is considering starting a cinderak succession campaign and i wanted to play outcasts. However 2000 points with gang creation still restricted to 2 champions seems like a lot, even equiping the scum well.

I saw a video which stated cinderak doubled the amount of champions you can take but i have not seen that anywhere and i know for a fact that youtuber gets quite a bit wrong, is this true?

If not, any tips?
Couldn't find any mention about double champions, but you could always make a house rule with your gaming group.

But you could also go crazy with outcast afflictions and elevated leaders. With interesting combinations you could easily out weight the limitation of just two champions.
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I'd consider house-ruling away the 'no more than 2 champions at creation' bit but keep the 'no more than 1 champ per 3 scum' and usual universal 'Gang Fighter X's must outnumber non-Gang Fighter X's' bits. That is, if you really can't find a way to tool up 2000 creds worth of personal equipment, grenades, mounts, vehicles etc. and have a manageable body count.
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Assume you have a crew of ten to start. (Normal gang working size) Add 10 respirators (150 creds) now add 10 photo goggles (350 creds). Just got o combat the most common region and seasons weather penalties. That's 500 credits right there. (You can buy a extra pair of goggles from your Scums list, drop it into the Stash and give it to your champion after the first battle. Same again for Respirators). Now add some armour for everyone, which you can normally leave off gangers and juves in normal budgets. Lets say 150 credits again.
That leaves you with 1350. Throw ina vehicle of some bikes and you barely have the normal budget of credits.
If you don't play with the ash wastes weather and regions then sure 2000 seams like a lot but if you play with then the practically mandatory respirator and photo goggles will eat a chunk of the budget