Starting Tau Gang Tips

I'm not a huge fan of this varient of the Tau rules in that its having them function too similarly to a 40k army rather than fit with how necromunda operates. I believe that had uploaded rules for a Tau gang a year or so ago. If not, i can move it here to give an idea of how it works.


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I'll give these a look over, certainly will pull the Kroot rules in as will be handy to have some close combatants.

Just noticed, that neither rule sets have a price for the stealth suits 'Shield Generator'. Anyone know what this is? Or should be and ill add it in?
I'm not sure for the other set, however my set of rules favors making the gang somewhat customizable and playable on a world where the tau are permitted, aka playing the game on a different world to explain their presence. I also don't have stealth suits in the write up as if felt too military grade which isn't comparable to the other forces short of game master forces.
I'm looking to set 3-4 gangs up in order to get a basement league playing and I'm interested in these Tau rules. I had pre-ordered the original tau battleforce way back when....

If there is a need to play test any ideas, let me know. My 10 yr old would love the chance to jump in.
I'm looking to set 3-4 gangs up in order to get a basement league playing and I'm interested in these Tau rules. I had pre-ordered the original tau battleforce way back when....

If there is a need to play test any ideas, let me know. My 10 yr old would love the chance to jump in.

I would suggest everything about Tau gangs needs extensive playtesting.
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Now played 4 gang fights with them and got some feedback which might be valuable:
  • Tau in Hive rules are poorly laid out and I recommend porting the same information into the layout style of say the Genestealer rules, will make quick referencing alot easier!
  • As much as its a nice idea, the Marker Light isn't really worth it. All the trouble it takes to hit someone, might as well just shoot the carbine and take the guy down. With a strength of 5 if you hit your probably gonna get a wounding hit. Only thing it has going for it is the Markmenship ability and the longer range. I will be omitting it from future gangs. (it should have some positive to hit modifiers or -1 from cover type to make it more usable)
  • It should be noted the shield generator can only be gained by Archeotech rare trade. Took me ages of searching for its points cost when i noticed it was a roll of 6 on the rare trades!
  • Stealth Suit - Flying is not the same as in 40k! lol found this out the hard way! Model is also too big for necromunda and ironically is too easy a target for the opponents line of sight. Not a great selection of weapons and they are too short ranged for the role the stealth unit would play. Major fault is it can only be given one of each type (1x gun and 1x close combat). You would never give this unit a close combat weapon, two weapons would not only look cool as hell on the model but would also make more sense. A suggested hard point would be a shot twice implant.
  • Positives: Strength 5 for standard weapons is awesome and attracted some raised eyebrows from my gaming buddies! But then close combat resolutions quickly compensated for it and doubts were quelled! Skill type chart is great and well suited for Tau and no move or fire weapons (other than blast cannon which is rubbish anyways) is great.
  • Their Territory idea is cool and I like it other than the low income, which i know is supposed to be low for outlanders but my fellow genestealer and pit slave gangs have earnt considerably more over the past few games. so credits are a struggle.
  • Honor Blade - Still have no idea how this works but given how poor Tau are in close combat, i've not really bothered with this. Again the layout is poor here as you have close combat weapon stats/info mixed in with other weapons and special weapons/basics mixed all over the joint! Needs revision along with the credit value section of weapons.
  • Sensory Shock - Tau are suitably/aptly sucky in close combat already, don't know why another negative aspect has been added to this. If you are lucky enough to win a round, you shouldnt be punished with the inability to send them down and out! Unless Tau are actually a 'peaceful' race and this is their way of not being blood thirsty killers?! I dont buy it tbh!
  • A few completely pointless weapons which are so rubbish they have no application/use in any situation and are so bad they shouldnt even be there. There are other ways to balance out the goods and bads in a fan made gang and this isnt the way to go about it:
  • Scatter light - Utterly useless
  • Ion Rifle - Actually not bad but low power should still have a blast marker (tau lack sustained fire dice/blast marker weapons), way too expensive for what it does.
  • Rail Rifle - Was my initial weapon of choice for Pathfinder until i realised that early game when everyone has low toughness. There wasn't much difference between this and the pulse rifle except 10 inches more range and the pulse rifle is 50 points cheaper! The impale thing is well known with my peers so ppl are never lined up for me to use this! Gave my PF the pulse rifle instead.
  • Burst Cannon - I could almost deal with the range if it wasn't move or fire! The price of it makes it just not worth it as well.
  • Fusion gun - 12 inch range!? Not even a template or sustain fire dice. Strength 8? why?!...Decided this is the most useless gun apart from the scatter light. I went with Plasma Rifle in the end and seems to do the business. Had to dump the flamer when i realised i couldnt fly across the battle field! lol But in a two weapon situation would be a nice addition.
  • Bonding knife - Just as confusing as the Honor Blade.
  • Drones - In principle seems like a good idea but havn't play tested them yet. But given they have to be within 4" of the controller, I have pre-emptively decided they arnt my bag and will most likely not use them.
To summarise I like them so far and will keep at it and hope the close combat prowess of both the Genestealer and pit slaves don't destroy my Tau completely!

My Gang:
Shas'vre (gang leader) - Combat armour, pulse rifle (will buy Target lock when i get the dosh)
Pathfinder - Pulse Carbine with marker light ( will be replacing soon with either ion rifle or just a pulse rifle
FWx 2 - Pulse rifles
FW x1 pulse carbine with marker light
FW x1 stealth suit, target lock, plasma rifle
Gue'vesa 2x with hand flamers

Hope this helps with any aspiring Tau owners! Still early days so if anyone has any incite/tips/questions or answers to mine, then just drop in reply or PM me.

Thanks and uber thanks for the creator of the Tau rules, although I've been critical on the layout and some rules, i am very appreciative of the work done and i think you've done a great job putting it all together!
I do realize now that while there are 2 different set of rules, both are the same name except different sets of rules.

The rule set created by jim is the one which represents a crashed tau transport ship.

The ruleset that I had created is closer to house gangs in gameplay, with the traits of the tau to give some diversity. both sets definitally require playtesting.

If you want to think from a lore perspective, neither is remotely accurate to the canon.
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To be fair I haven't had a proper look at Ringlords rules but may have a ggander this weekend. Maybe be good to mix them up a bit.
However i doubt my gaming buddies would like too much changing as dont wana start growing a beard or anything!

Msg above wasn't a criticism really, was more tips for ppl starting out with Tau in Necromunda.
The kind of msg i wish someone had posted when i first created this thread.

And as my good friend chaosticket pointed out, having a tau gang doesnt really fit with the storyline however with a good enough imagination anythings possible!
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I'm certainly willing to make changes to my rule set, as I'm currently unable to play test it myself.

From a lore perspective, I would think the first list represents more of a crashed Tau Manta Gunship, as it would likely contain only fire warriors and suits.

For the list i created, it rather takes the idea of a world in which there is a tau population as well as human, and thus the inclusion of the kroot and other castes.

Otherwise, while I'm quite familiar with the current lore, I can certainly explain certain things if asked.

Also, Spafe, its like you just like us having a polite conversation ;)