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Oct 1, 2018
West Greenwich, RI
I listen to Tabletop Minions "Every Other Sunday" podcast (highly recommend) and Uncle Atom has repeatedly mentioned the mech combat game Steel Rift. Being a curious sort and always on the lookout for another Stompy Robot game <tm> I looked into it, read reviews, watched videos and games being played. I liked it so much I ordered a copy of the starter box and I was impressed when I received it in the mail.

It's four.. yes FOUR (I didn't stutter) pages of actual rules for play. The rest of the pamphlet sized rulebook is building mechs (or HE-Vs - Humanoid Exoskeleton-Vehicles - as the game calls them), assembling your force, scenarios, and a small bit of fluff.

It's miniatures agnostic and uses Battletech scale (1/285) models. They have their own line of 3D resin printed minis (which are quite nice) with interchangeable arms (magnetize!) and weapons. It's played on a 3' x 3' area with about 8 pieces of terrain as the "standard". A game lasts 4 turns, sometimes 5, and is objective driven for Victory Points.

It's got a relatively low entry cost as the starter box (6 models, rulebook, extras) was $80 and has enough for two people to play a normal game. You don't have to buy extra minis to get a good force together.

One of the really cool things I liked was that the box everything comes in has a foam insert so once you assemble your models you have storage for them. Genius!

Anyway, if you like stompy robots, want an inexpensive, fast playing, minis agnostic game I highly recommend it. I've already suckered.. er.. umm.. I mean introduced two of my friends to it and they're hooked. I'm working on the minis now so they should show up in my hobby thread sometime soon.

I hope everyone has a great day!
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