Stirland: a rip-off of The Guide to the Empires East March

I had to put my phone down and quit momentarily lurking, log onto the forum on my desktop (easier done than perhaps said but of value for poignancy to story telling) just to pip in to say the word Spafograf is fantastic. Love the empire minis - they are like the fantasy version of the Necromundan Spiders in terms of a Mordheim/skirmish draft pool - and the work you've got so far looks great. I hope you are willing to gather some warband appropriate group pics together :cool:
This is at a bit of a standstill since iv run out of green, but before I show you my super secret weapon iv been working on, here’s a video that I’d like to share:

it never occured to me to play warhammer with Lego back then but I feel like infant me really missed an obvious opportunity!
I was messing about with these yesterday, so thought I’d grab a couple of pics:

Stuff done:

Stuff still waiting:

it actually feels like an achievable amount of minis

...a couple of cannons would look nice tho...

NO CAPTAIN! Stop it!!!
Epic work dude! cant wait to see these guys marching in all their glory!

If you want to bring em to tribe meet, I'll bring orcs or undead, or brets, or empire, whatever you fancy playing against! can do a small 1k game or whatever (at the traditional time for non necromunda games of midnight kick off of course!)
You bet! 😁😁👍
I’ll make 1k points up from the last ones I haven’t painted, top motivation that, good chap!
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You good for 6th?
It’s been that long, it probably doesn’t matter, I’ll just roll some dice and see what happens either way! 😋
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Didn’t get them done for Tribemeet, but the wheels are turning:

Iv been enthralled by Oathmark lately, so instead of seeing Greatswords, spearman and outriders. I’m now looking at Linebreakers, spearman and mounted rangers!
fantastic progress dude!

With the release of the old world early next year, maybe next tribemeet we should have a 'training excercise' for the troops of the Ostermark and Stirland if you have a force ready for it!
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The 29th are willing and able!
Of coarse, they will be fighting with blunted weapons as a sign of provincial friendship!
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