Stoof's Sump Skiffs

Stoof's Sump Skiffs 1

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Yakmarines 2nd Co. Word Priest
Yak Comp 2nd Place
Tribe Council
Jun 1, 2016
Ellon, United Kingdom
Stoof submitted a new resource:

Stoof's Sump Skiffs - Small boats for skimish wargames - Paper models

These printable, paper/card boats can hold two, three or six models on 25mm bases. Orginally designed for TribeMeet 2020, they can be used in any situation where you want the game table surface to be a liquid.

Standard rules are that the larger ones can move 4" per turn, with one gang member as the driver, and any other passengers can shoot/fight, and the smaller ones can move 8" per turn with the same caveat.
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