Sudsy builds with paper...


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Feb 17, 2011
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Got the M722 built:

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Why yes, those doors do slide (but I don't intend to do that too much...):

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Yup, there is a fully detailed interior to this APC!

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Pretty big when compared to other vehicles though:

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But I am pleased with the results. I'll probably come back to this vehicle in the future when I feel like turning one into an epic build with more greeblies and paint....
Oh, dude! I want to do this one too! How hard was it?
Paper? Sorcery more like! Great work.

I am a heretic missionary from the Cult Papyrus of the Dark(er) Mechanicum!

Oh, dude! I want to do this one too! How hard was it?

Hardest part is frustration with the ability to find enough spare time to work on it.... Even during COVID, my life got pretty busy with the work my old house needed more than this model (basement flood, clogged drain, dirtwork to prevent basement flood, more basement flooding while the dirtwork is in progress.... yeah....)!

Of course, since I am done with the tank, it's on to something near and dear to most skirmish gamers who used to enjoy the Patrol style 40k games from 3rd, 4th, and now 9th....


...bipedal scout walker! Sentinel!

Of course, I'm not one to settle for a stock model. You can see I have some references printed out for cockpit details, and Mad Robot is probably going to get more of my cash for the driver!

I started just above the ankle, just below the knee, with the calves. Here are some cylinders and rods that I used paper sticks to create instead of rolling cylinders that small.


I did roll some absolutely tiny strips around the paper sticks to create the cylinder bodies around the shaft


Nice work! Love me some Patoroch plans, and I’d seen some of your pics on his FB group. I’ve made so many Patoroch models now... can’t recommend half round nail art beads enough for rivets, btw!

Finally followed Xavier Bacon's advice here and busted out with some more nail art beads... These were a larger version that made near perfect ball joints for the ankles!





So far so good!
For the hip/thigh (sorta) joint, I wanted somethign tougher than the stock ring for that joint. I cut some strips the width of the joint and wrapped them around a smaller drill bit until they fit inside the rings.


Doughnut glued to box, wrapped in the main part of the thigh


Laminate some greeblies on top:


Almost ready to assemble with the knee joints! I just bought myself some time to think of the pose I want for this... I'm obviously going to have to glue in that ankle to the ball foot with some CA glue once I figure out the pose on whatever base I build for this! I'm thinking I will be sticking to my desert theme with rocks and scrap.
Moving on a bit here... I've not touched this in the last couple of weeks due to some home improvement projects taking my time (of the non-optional OMG GET IT DONE NOW lest we get MORE water in the basement AGAIN kind).


I did manage to start the driver/observer compartment!


Got the hip finished

Looking at all the greeblies Patoroch added from the source model, I got an idea...





Solder, laminated greeblies with card stock, and a Mad Robot Miniatures driver from their bits!





Still sitting on my bench at this point! I hope to dust it off and get back to it in a couple weeks when the necessary repairs to my old house are completed!
So, a quick Sentinel update...


I'm using a 3D printed base (about a 60mm circular I created and you can download and print), plenty of PVA and some gravel, kitty litter, and model RR ballast.


Got my Mad Robot Miniatures driver put together as well. I'm using the Classic Tanker head (HH-06), Crewman Torso (HT-06), The gunner arms from the Heavy Weapons Crewmen arms (HA-08), and finally Driver Legs - Feet Back (Driver Legs FB).
My first 2021 build... The pandemic is staarting to winding down, and life is slowly getting closer to normal (and busy), so I'm building much slower this year. Not a bad problem really.

Here is a classic Rhino from Patoroch's considerable archives... No longer in production out of plastic, hard to aquire at reasonable price, and therefore perfect for a paper card build.








Nothing too fancy here. Just choosing the front and rear of the hull... I do love this classic kit for this feature. It's present in the paper model as well.
On to the sides and tread units:



Using some mesh on those vents. I cut the mesh to size and then applied it to the paper model using thin CA glue before appling the next layers of greeblies.


My road wheels were a little thicker than the kit specified. I cut strips to width and wrapped them around a mandrel until I reached the desired outer diameter.


I opted NOT to make the doors open, so I used the rounds for the side hatches as additional reinforcments fo rthe inside structure of the sides. I applied black acrylic ink to areas where the primer is likely to not reach.




Hemispherical beads for headlights!
My tread construction pictures didn't turn out so well... So I'll skip ahead a bit and go with mounting photos and the final construction of the subassemblies.



Holy Bolters!



What kind of vox casters does this have?


A worthy chariot for the Officer of the Fleet! After all, in that early Rogue Trader 40K era, EVERYBODY had access to the Rhino, to include the Imperial Guard Regiments... Such a venerable vehicle would not be odd in the inventory of a well established Imperial Guard regiment, and certainly an Officer of the Fleet could likely pull enough influence to have such a chariot to equipped for his needs. Orbital bombardment and such a valuable instrument of the Emperor's will after all....
Thank you all! Here's to a good server migration this week, and a great community dedicated to the best games GW made!

Yes, it's Old Hammer 40K, so it HAS to have red bolters.... However else it is painted... Red is the bolter color...


Apr 6, 2021
Just went through and looked through this thread... amazing work seriously this stuff is massively impressive I don't know that I'd have ever bought vehicles if I'd seen this when I started 40k. just can't like it enough