Necromunda Sump Gulch, a Ash Wastes Campaign


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Apr 15, 2023
After being interested in Necromunda for the better part of two decades I have finally bit the proverbial bullet and bought myself a Ash Wastes starter and some sundries.

Joined by my regular parters in crime (@Avalon and @LordSikil ) I’ve started a campaign as well, to get some experience with the rules.

I will start with some Nomads, and actually have my first tribe members ready for painting, after a bout of gap filling last night.

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First game planned for Wednesday!
The prospectors of YmiKron!
Not pictured portions of the gang: A wolfquad with mining laser and a Ridgerunner with twinlinked heavy stubber.

The gang and the wolfquad needs to have some gapfills, then its time for a Zenithal primer using rattlecan Chaos Black and Wraithbone. The Ridgerunner, proxied with a Mantic Games "Mule" with a Votann Matr turret to represent the twinlinked heavy stubber, still need some work to make the turret mount...
The pics are lovely, but need some “narration” to go with them.

Also, nice product placement! Some companies pay big bucks to get their stuff “hidden” in scenes like that. Are you playing in a game club with food and booze? I’ve heard they exist (although not in my neck of the woods).
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It seems I can't edit the post itself, so I have added some descriptions to the images in the gallery. Suffice to say it was a good pipecleaner for all involved, and gave us some good inspiration for the coming campaign.
The LGS actually has an internal pub/restaurant, hosting the gaming tables. This is as far as I know the only one in the country ever to manage something like that, so I consider us fortunate...