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Shadow War SW:A Fighter Cards 2.5

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Oct 31, 2013
MusingWarboss submitted a new resource:

SW:A Fighter Cards - N17 Style Cards for Shadow War: Armageddon.

Shadow War: Armageddon Fighter Cards.

Some cards to record your fighters stats and weapons, skills and equipment on, in the same manner as N17's Fighter Cards. These ones have been tailored for SW:A and include the correct statline, 40k 2nd style weapon line and three boxes to mark 'Mission Completed'.

You should use these in conjunction with a traditional roster, or alternatively a mini-roster which omits the fighters statlines. I may make one of these in future.

For 'Miss Next...

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I shall be updating this resource soon with a full back (so you can print double sided and snip cards out).

Also as a bonus (!!) I’ll be adding in a mini roster sheet in the same size and style so you can record your whole Kill Team, Promethium Caches etc.
MusingWarboss updated SW:A Fighter Cards with a new update entry:

SW:A Fighter Card and Mini Roster Sheet.

This is a little update to my Fighter Cards for SW:A.

I've added a page in with a rusty backdrop image. This is a full A4 size image and is intended for printing out as the backdrop for both the Cards and Rosters. Then you can cut the cards out and have a nice back for them all. In order to do this I would again suggest going to your local copy shop (for top quality and a better price per page compared to a home printer) and having pages 1 and 2 printed out back to back. Then one...

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