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Gang Hero
Oct 7, 2017
Manchester UK
Been a long time coming but I've finally started painting my Eldar Battlefleet Gothic fleet.

It started with my only Craftworld ship which I'll use in Epic to represent lance bombardments and the like.

Tried to paint a shimmering forcefield effect still needs a bit of work but I think the more I paint the better it'll end up looking.

Asking around it seemed the fleet was a little light on Escorts. So being me 40 ended up getting added. 🤦‍♂️

Decided I wanted to have a wide variety of colours rather than being regimented with a single paint scheme. So I'm pushing my comfort zone by choosing all the colours I tend to avoid painting lots of, warm rich colours. Combined with the shimmering shield effect.

Got them base coated and an initial wash on them all during the 24 hour hobby session Viv from RubbishInRubbishOut/KnightsofDice did to raise awarenesson mental health issues and raise cash as well.

Finally got the first Corsair Ship started.