SWA Team Equipment house rules


Oct 3, 2016
I finally got the chance to run SWA with a friend and we are about halfway through the first campaign. (Orks v GK) We are going to apply lessons learned during the first campaign to the second. We have been playing on a killteam sized area and feel that the game really needs 4x4 to give ranged gangs a chance against melee hordes.

Something we already house-ruled to team construction rules is to change any instance of 'must' to 'may'. This removes the obligation of greyknights to purchase a melee weapon when the model is recruited- allowing them be fielded with just stormbolters.
RAW, a 175 point greyknight must have a CW, and the only one you can afford with a 200 pt purchase is a 25pt warding stave, which no-one wants. A 200pt gunner is unpurchaseable unless you roll Hidden Cache in Hunt in the Promethium Sprawl

What I would like to do, looking at the Ork and Chaos lists particularly is allow specialists access to leader only gear. Currently, for many teams, specialist means 'guy with bigger gun'.


Partly, this is because I wanted to field the Dark Vengeance chosen but realised that they are WYSIWYG illegal. If the chaos gunners can take powerfists and powerweapons instead of heavybolters etc, this resolves some of that issue and makes more Khornate/melee centric teams viable. I don't see a problem with Orks handing out heavier choppas/klaws instead of big shootas.

I don't forsee any major problems with other teams, as Guard will probably stick to guns and the Eldar likely won't give up firing their platforms to come rush into melee. Inquisition might play a lot differently.

Any advice? Anything I am missing? Are there any houserules you have run successfully?
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This makes sense and sounds fun.
Campaign rules always felt like they needed tweaking when going outside of Orks vs Scouts mode.
Smallest board Ive ever used for SWA is 3x3.

Really is such a great game. Hope to pick it back up again when my son is older
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There is no way to improve my dudes through gear at present. My spannerboys have bigshootas with reddots. My Nob has a kombishoota and big choppa. A buzzchoppa is the heaviest weapon a boy can take., so though some randos got advances, it feels like they cant progress without more advances.
Hilariously, I rolled survivor for my nob, so now I am actively incentivized to be reckless with him.

The combat system is great and the missions are fun- it's just the teambuilding that is simplified way too much.
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