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Oct 30, 2022
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I'd like to share a Tactics Cards Manager I have created. This allows you to build a custom tactics deck and then randomly draw cards for a match. This will be saved on your device if you come back later and is also mobile friendly.

You can find it here: https://necrodamus.org/tactics/

I welcome any feedback or suggestions. I am sure there are a lot of typos there too. There are over 450 tactics cards in circulation now o_O

PS the Necrodamus compilation is maintained by @TopsyKretts and can be discussed here: https://yaktribe.games/community/threads/bookromunda-complete-house-rules.9513/
I am slowly digitising this to make it like Waha.
That is brilliant!

PS: Noticed some weird behavior when selecting different options in the drop-down filter. Probably a small bug, hopefully easy to fix.
The dropdown filter seemed to work for me. I was initially confused because I didn't realize that the universal & vehicle cards were displayed as well - once I unchecked those boxes, the dropdown selections/filter worked to display just the cards for specific gangs.
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Kudos for you sir, great work.

Suggestions to make it more user friendly:
  • Add a button 'Add all presented cards to your deck'. (For example, I'm a goliath player and play in a group without vehicles. I'd want to simply set filter to 'Goliath pack' + 'Universal' while excluding 'Vehicle cards' and simply make a deck out of all popped out options. Having filter option is great, but it is annoying having to click each individual card to add to your deck.)
  • Add zone mortalis filter. (A lot of the time players who are playing on Sector Mechanicus won't be able to make use of tactics which interact with doors and vents; In such case you'd want to filter them out).
I'm not quite sure what is happening, but the site no longer loads.
I was probably just deploying an update :)

So… did you think about my musings in Topsy’s thread??

Post in thread 'Bookromunda (complete house rules)'

I noticed @JawRippa suggested something similar.

Also, where are these new fighter cards located you’ve just added..?
I'm focusing on making the site content-complete first before looking at changes to the tactics card manager. I still have the Badzone rules and 50 scenarios to transcribe.

I think I also want to do some better linking, eg weapon tooltips (here's an example on the Trading Post) and/or embedding weapon profiles onto fighter cards where appropriate).

The fighter cards are the look & feel of a fighter listing - see this screenshot for new vs old.

For your feedback, I think they're nice ideas. They definitely sit in the "nice to have" category though. I realised that Underdogs cards don't really work as the rules intend them, so I will fix that before looking at the nice to haves... but they'll come eventually!


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First off, amazing work, this has the makings of an essential Necromunda tool.

I would strongly second Jawrippas suggestion that you add an "add all presented cards" or similar so I don't have to click "add" to every individual card, thats a lot of clicking to add all the universal and gang specific cards to a deck, even with filters applied.
This page crashed.

E is null, apparently.
Sorry there's not an easy way to do this at present: something is probably wrong with the tactics you've saved. These are stored in local storage on your browser, so you can delete that to 'reset'.

1. Open developer tools on your browser (right click, 'inspect' should do it)
2. Go to the Application tab.
3. Open up the Local Storage tab, click on the Necrodamus domain
4. Delete whatever's in there
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Go into "your deck" then underneath where you choose how many cards to draw, "your card deck" is on the left and "underdog cards" is on the right.