N18 Tactics deck building - house escher


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Sep 12, 2018
Cardiff, UK
I'm about to join a new campaign (my first) and the tactics cards are set as a deck of 20 to start and then drawing from that. I'll be playing Escher but am a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number and variety of tactics cards to choose from. Wondered if anyone can suggest some options to consider when assembling my 20 card deck.

The only one I'm thinking I should deffo take is the one that nets me the free wyld runner and 2 phelynx.
What I did with my Delaque-Deck:

Add cards that will save your fighters, like letting your opponent automatically fail ammo-checks, hit-rolls or reduce AP to -.
Add cards that kill enemy fighters more easily (like the one that opens a hole when there is move-action. Deadly for dwarfs!)
Add cards that will give you priority.

If the first fights goes bad, you will get new cards in Form of the underdog-pack, sooner than you'll like. So don't hesitate in using your cards.

And remember to talk about the potential strength of some cards with your arbitrator.
The strongest tend to be:
Cards that let you react out-of-turn: interrupting your opponents activation to shoot or countercharge them can be very powerful if the board is setup right for it.
Cards that give you extra actions: whether they may grant some extra movement, a third action in an activation, a free charge, activating another fighter after the first, etc. Escher is particularly rich with extra movement cards.
Cards that give you something for free: Wyld Hunt is great not because the fighters given are strong, but because you don't have to worry about injuries or losing equipment with them. Gifts of the Matron lets you pick a Stimm that is appropriate to the situation without needing to buy and assign it beforehand. Chemical Reign is the same way if you have Gas/Toxin weapons.
Finally, cards that do something crazy and unexpected: Shivver Prophecy ends the game when played. The Beast's Lair is not as strong as it originally was, but Beast's Lure might still be a deterent to slower or unarmored gangs, good for blocking a pathway.