N18 Takes two weapon slots vs. require two hands to use


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Dec 1, 2022
Most melee weapons that take two weapon slots also have unwieldy, so require two hands to use, but this is not always the case. Power fist only takes one slot but two hands and the SLHG Assault Ram takes two weapon slots but does not have unwieldy, so does it not require two hands to use in melee? can you use it with a sidearm for example?
I remember commenting on it 5 years ago when it was first introduced in this edition:
So it’s from an older book from the dark troubled early years of Neomunda.

Has it not been FAQ’d? Maybe almost no-one ever uses it?? Not sure if a Goliath has one or not - I vaguely remember one resin one having a big fist - though knowing GW it’s probably its own unique weapon that just so happens to function very much like an existing one but with a slight stat change.

I could understand if it’s unwieldy due to size, though the rules making it a dual hand weapon is just… wrong. Perhaps in these cases just… not using generic traits… might have been the better way to approach a unique weapon.

Ah who knows. Is it supposed to be liberated from a marine or something??

I wonder how people are using those powerfists...
I think they’re not wearing it and using both hands to swing and power-slap the opponent by the looks of those rules! 🤣
FAQ'ed? 😄 No, never. N22 gave a 2nd type of power fist for squats (same name, different cost and stats, no unwieldy). So there's that. In olden times, many space marine power fists got converted to Necromunda to show dominance as the top brutal weapon. Today, there are so many close combats weapons in all ranges of power and cost, so power fist is more obscure now and probably not the best pick in terms of competitiveness. The only official character with a power fist is the squat claim jumper, and it has the non-unwieldy squat variant.
Originally I imagined it to exclude the possibility of dual wielding.
Dual wielding Powerfists? Or just in general?

Because “double fisting” has a long history in 40k. Many a Rogue Trader Ork was given two power klaws - even in artwork - good old Marnius Calgar was particularly keen on it.

Even in the modern Necromunda the Orlock Arms Master has two big servo claw arms (while not the same gear in game, the visual effect is the same).

Ok, back to sanity now…
Just in general, but also power fist when you mention it. The only mini I saw back in the day with double fists was Calgar. Also dual storm bolters, which was extreme back then.
Just in general, but also power fist when you mention it. The only mini I saw back in the day with double fists was Calgar. Also dual storm bolters, which was extreme back then.


Top left of this Rogue Trader art, under the Evil Sunz banner.

Plenty of people did this with the old rt era plastic kits.
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Hmm don't remember seeing that picture before. To my defense, that's a rather anonymous background character.
Which only makes it seem more common and less unique - not only Marneus Calgar, but also nameless mooks.

Dual wielding power gloves does go back a long way, right into Rogue Trader. Additionally, paired Lightning Claws was essentially a modification of dual power gloves, and those cropped up in early Space Hulk. Hm.. Wait. Lightning Claw is around in N23, as well, and is NOT unweildly. It is a power glove with extra attachments.
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Suspensor since the book of outcast also apply to melee weapons now. So yes it changes the game.

As for the double fisting being in the history of the game... Well, it's a kinky univers. Where do you think the Dark Eldar esthetic come from.😂