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thomas s jensen

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Dec 23, 2015
Any fan made rules for Ork Tanks in GorkaMorka?

I am planning to build 10 Ork bloodaxe tanks from 10 identical 1:35 Tamiya tank kits, they will all count-as leman russ tanks and will be fielded as if they were an astra millitarum army (with grots as conscripts)

But it could be cool to use them in GorkaMorka as well... Is that possible? Any Vehicle Design Rules (VDR) for GorkaMorka?

As I remember, GorkaMorka rules seem very compatible with 2nd Edition of Warhammer 40000 (ie. 2nd Edition Ork units looks like they could be used directly at their indicated costs in GorkaMorka games), but introduces stuff that was not seen in Warhammer 40000 untill 3rd Edition, that also was the edition that had VDR
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Feb 17, 2011
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The short answer is "no" and the long answer is that armour presents a bit of a balancing issue. I wrote a piece about it (oh gods - seven years ago!): https://gorkamorka.co.uk/general/doom-fortress-syndrome/

However things like tanks could work in the context of a scenario or a campaign built to accommodate them (perhaps one where players are given some additional anti-armour gear for free or cheaply).

As for vehicle design rules I believe Liam Stanway on the Gorkamorka Facebook group had a stab at it: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ly_Ae0Eyp-Rj2FBfKn6vmFLSB6QgZhwLWEn7NdzFO_0/edit
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thomas s jensen

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Dec 23, 2015
Thanks for your reply, I can see your point. I guess that if heavier vehicles from say 2nd ed were introduced then iit would be something all players agree on and something that all factions should have access to.. ie.. if an ork warband uses dreadnoughts then muties should have access to stuff like space marine like dreadnoughts etc.. maybe a power level need to be established.. ie.. power level 1 could be max ac 10 and the current gorkamorka unit types.. power level 2 could be rhinos, chimeras and other light tanks etc..

I made my own stab at it were I used VDR for 3rd edition as a start and then modified it until it was fitting for 2nd edition and gorkamorka

a bit off topic but I am tinkering with other rule sets as well :)

I am currently converting rules for imperium of man units to an old system called No Limits... I found a way using excel to translate 8th ed 40k unit data to No Limits (just the base stat line, abilities, weapons and armour must be added to get total NL point value of the unit)

I currently identified 1000 imperium of man units and have base NL stats for almost all Astra Millitarum units now - around 100 units more or less


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Oh, alternately, take a trakk, and load up on defensive gubbinz like armour plates. It won't be as survivable against revolvers as would, say, a Baneblade in 40K proper, but it would be a "tank" within GorkaMorka's rules AND setting.

Eavy Shoota.
Armour Plates. Three times.
Loadsa Ammo.

There is your tank!


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Dec 29, 2017
Yes converted tanks were commonly used among my friends when playing gorkamorka. One could use a rhino, leman russ or even land raider. We always used the rules for trakks though, as they all have tracks instead of wheels.

Edit: Unless you converted the tanks to have wheels! In which case you could use them as trukks.
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