Tau Strike Force


Jan 11, 2016
I have been busy sketching a possible list to include Tau in inquisimunda.

Feedback is very welcome!

I divided them in 4 different castes, each with a different bonus/malus. I also fleshed out some Tau-specific drones with different roles. Options to include either Kroot or Vespids and some special units with special rules.


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I made a few changes: Wasn't happy with the Ethereal, so I "removed" him, by making the Ethereal the commander option, and giving him invocation of the elements with some extra rules.

Also added: "tau culture" which locks them with the weapons from the starting lists.

More edits:

I changed the Castes, now all entries are "fire caste". Not that this replaces the caste system in the Inquisimunda rulebook. You are able to hire an Earth Caste to get drones, or a Water Caste, to hire Kroot and Vespid.
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