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Discussion in 'Gangs & Loadout' started by Ted Maul, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Ted Maul

    Ted Maul Juve

    Another Orlock starting gang thread (sorry!).

    Looking for thoughts from you fine folk on my gang for an upcoming campaign (assume dominion). I present to you the Sawmill Sluggers (working title...):


    In summary:

    1 x Leader with grenade launcher and savvy trader
    1 x Boltgun champ with munitioneer
    1 x Heavy stubber champ with nerves of steel
    3 x shotgun gangers, 2 x autogun gangers
    1 x dual stub pistol juve with dum-dums

    It should all be pretty self-explanatory as tactics are pretty Orlock standard fare. Heavy stubber to provide a modicum of long range threat and plenty of shotguns for the mid-range sweetspot. I've also gone for a savvy trader leader to help in the long-term campaign by getting special ammo quicker / increase chance of an suspensor early doors for the stubber. Big weakness is close combat and not much crowd control like flamers / webbers / toxin (although the latter are not available on day 1 anyway).

    I did make an alternate list with a heavy bolter champ / naked overseer leader combo but I kind of felt like the leader should put a shift in himself. Plus it feels slightly fluffy to give him something savant based, whilst still being pretty useful.

    Anyway, thoughts very welcome form those much more experienced than me (which is pretty much everyone) - thanks in advance!
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  2. TopsyKretts

    TopsyKretts Gang Hero

    Looks like a fun list, good variety. Should make for an exciting campaign!
  3. TabulaRasa

    TabulaRasa Gang Champion

    Think it looks solid! Any changes would be a matter of preference IMO.
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  4. Ted Maul

    Ted Maul Juve

    Thanks both!
  5. The only thing I'd suggest is you quickly get some close combat on these guys - beyond the juve you only have unarmed attacks.
  6. Ted Maul

    Ted Maul Juve

    Kind of hoping no-one gets into CC. How big an issue is that for a Day 0 gang in your view? Would it be worth dropping the juve and using those points to hand out a few CC weapons? Or just wait until after a couple of games?
  7. TabulaRasa

    TabulaRasa Gang Champion

    Depends on how aggressive you are. Might be you end up facing a stimmed up Goliath champion. If you’re a bit unlucky they can soak up your whole gangs shooting for one turn. But then again, tactics is a bit paper, rock, scissors and you’re not going to be able to cover all your bases.
  8. dawuduk

    dawuduk Ganger

    I like it, played orlocks most recently and almost never went into CC.

    But then I had a big love for combat shotguns, which are a serious deterrent for the odd model who can make it through all the lead I can throw down the board.

    I tend to kit out one champ for close combat just in case, one long range support with heavy stubber or even heavy bolter. Munitioneer is vital on one of them.

    Here is a list I use, though this is for one off games, if was going into a campaign with them again I'd aim to get at least one more ganger in there.

  9. Oar locks

    Oar locks Juve

    Couple things - first you can't have that Juve. You need to pay a "ganger tax"

    A heavy bolter is nearly twice as effective as a heavy stubber (better strength, ap, no -1 to hit at 20”, better damage). Before you could buy a heavy bolter, my heavy stubber would routinely miss (the -1) or hit and not do anything.

    My heavy bolter has yet to do anything less than seriously injure something it hits.

    Also, munitioneer is nice but unless you’re using it to support your other fighters, a 6+ bolter re-roll is still very unlikely.
  10. Oar locks

    Oar locks Juve

  11. TabulaRasa

    TabulaRasa Gang Champion

    Heavy bolter will almost always outperform the stubber. It’s main issue is the ammo situation that will even be difficult with munitioner. And also the meta. It’s not exactly the best way to make friends (I tried one on a Goliath leader and managed to get suspensor after game one) so I would suggest that you factor into account how hard your meta is.
  12. dawuduk

    dawuduk Ganger

    With a little 'proper preparation' all your heavy bolter ammo worries will go away... I actually like this tactic card more than click and dangerous footing for my orlocks
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  13. TabulaRasa

    TabulaRasa Gang Champion

    Yeah, that becomes standard if you're playing with the heavy bolter. My only issues with it is that it is unreliable in the cases where you don't have the option to chose cards, which is half of the standard Dominion scenarios (border dispute and if I'm not mistaken as defender in sabotage) and that it becomes a bit boring in the long run. But on the second bit you can obviously argue that things like 'click' etc is equally so. My point is that they tend to reinforce a competitive rather than easy going 'fun' (I know we all have different idea as to what constitutes fun) style in gaming groups. But yeah, if you're playing in a competitive setting then the heavy bolter together with a standard pick of the tactic card 'proper preparations' is the clearly better option and worth scarfing other things for in order to get the credits needed.
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