N18 Tenacious ruling


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Jul 23, 2021
Hi all,

I'm eyeing a Hardcase Mastiff for my enforcer gang and was wondering about the Tenacious mechanic.
If the mastiff isn't removed from the battlefield until their activation is completed, does that mean they activate from the last state they were in before being taken out of action?

For example:
1) If it was seriously injured and taken out by a coup de grace, does it activate from a seriously injured state and need to resolve an injury dice?
2) If it was hit by a shot and rolls an out of action on the injury dice, does that mean it activates from a pinned state?
3) If it was engaged in close combat, was hit by a melee attack and rolled an out of action on the injury dice, does it remain standing and engaged for it's activation (so could attack)?
This was probably a cool idea that didn't went through quality control. For simplicity, yes to all - use last state.

This will nerf the ability in most cases due to pinned/blaze/webbed/seriously injured ++.

Either that or go the completely opposite way, ignore all effects and activate as if fresh and healthy.
Yea, it does limit the usefulness a bit... I guess it could still use faithful protector? RAW does not specify that it should be standing... The mastiff doesn't seem well thought out
Yes, for simplicity I'd play it like that. Even when ablaze, insane (if the opponent has control the opponent chooses) or anything else. While Pinned it makes sense but when Seriously Injured it would be very suicidal.