Necromunda Terrain - Zone Mortalis Question(s)


Aug 6, 2020
First time posting here, so if this is in the wrong place, please let me know.

Just finished building the terrain from Dark Uprising for an upcoming campaign that I am participating in in my household. My main questions are the following:

1) Is the 2x2 Mat from the boxed set big enough for most games?
2) Since the Zone Mortalis tiles are Out of Stock/Print - Should I need to get them, is there a good alternative? Game mat? Just bare Table?
3) What size map do most people play on for Zone Mortalis. I know Sector Mechanicus is 4x4 usually?
4)Should I need to get more terrain for a larger table - what terrain sets do most people need more of? Walls? Columns? Doors? Etc.
For Necromunda, you need more of everything. It is a game intended for a densely packed table. I, however, am far from an authority. I only know what they suggest.
1) the 2x2 board is rather small for standard 1000 point games, also it'll give the cgc an advantage as they don't need to run so far to get in close combat. During this pandemic I'm stuck at playing games with my wife and I limit our amount of fighters to 6 when we play on 2x2.
2) I have the advantage of having the cardboard tiles and I'm mainly using them with mdf walls. With the plastic gw kit you could also play on a mat, it's useful to know the boundaries of the playingfield, something that's not that obvious on a bare table.
3) for zone mortalis and even sector mechanicus I exclusively play on a 3x3, a 4x4 is recommended by gw but I find it too big and with the right amount of scenery it could become messy to reach the middle to see line of sights.
4) necromunda needs quite a lot of scenery to get the balance and feel right. A mix of some firing lanes and dense cover is needed. As a thumb rule, every fighter should get out line of sight or in cover at least with a double move from whichever point they're shooting at.
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1) For some smaller scenarios yes, but otherwise not in my opinion.

For example: A nice extension is Necromunda "Gang Raids" from WD Dec 2019. For this you need between 2 tiles up to 7 tiles in two rows.
And for the mini-campaign "Assault on Precinct-Fortress 17" from WD Oct 2019 you need 48 x 48 inches. - Or in centimeters 122 cm x 122 cm (4 x 30,48 cm = 121,92 cm).

2) I assume that the ZM Plastic Tiles will be available again soon. These tiles are also well suited for building tall, or sawing them into smaller platforms. I also recommend looking at the ZM tiles work of @Rapid_tabletop, for example. I think when you start with ZM plastic tiles, you should already have two to three boxes of 4 pieces.

And for a temporary game table, there is a nice Necromunda game mat in different materials and sizes:

3) Like the previous speakers, I would recommend at least minimum 3' x 3 'as a playing surface.

The rulebook says: The battlefield should measure 4' x 4 '. Larger or smaller battlefields are possible.
And if possible, you should also have some space on the table to store rule books, miniatures and cards.

4) Yes. Necromunda requires a lot of terrain, especially scatter terrain and LoS cover.

I should say that I like building terrain and plan a diorama. For example, I have collect a mixture of Zone Mortalis plastic terrain, Necromunda Barricades, Munitorum Armored Containers, Sector Imperialis, Plasma Conduits and Regulators, computer fans, plastic pipes, brass pipe fittings, small chains, plasticard and self-build. In addition, there will be the newly announced Necromunda Gang Stronghold and maybe the "Battlezone Manufactorum Conservators" Box from WH40k.

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Also, if you want cheap buildings that actually look ok look to the Pegasus Gothic range. They aren't as detailed as GW but they look pretty ok out of the box and you can grimdark them right up.