Necromunda The Big Book of RAW Features/Changes Currently Not Working

Honestly, the site does not seem to be under active development, so continuing to update this thread felt pointless. I appreciate that @Malo is running a one-man shop, but I couldn't even get him to respond to questions about a project he had asked me to do, and I even paid a subscription to get access to the insider forum in an attempt to raise the visibility of my inquiries.

The custom creation tools available are quite flexible, so for the foreseeable future, and quite possibly forever, players are simply going to have to accept what is currently enabled, and custom create anything else.

I would be happy to continue to update this thread if the site is still being developed.
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Some additional issues for the Ash Wastes Nomads, Book of the Outlands:
  • Chieftains, Watchers, and Stormcallers should have Gang Hierarchy (Leader/Champion) rules, these are missing
  • Chieftains and Watchers should have Group Activation (2/1) rules, these are missing
  • Nomad Warrior Specialist has the "ganger" advancement menu and cannot be promoted to Specialist