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Dec 29, 2012
Long time time lurker first time poster! ;) Haven't played or modeled for a while (2 kids!) but Necroplayers question about how to use COD for Necro inspired me to get everything out and take some photos, hopefully you'll like!

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Re: ClockworkOranges - COD Necro Terrain

PS all the bodies etc are gangers who have died on campaign in the way represented on the board.

Special mention to Alonso who was the greatest Orlock ever to walk the hive. He had every shooting skill and high BS etc. Alas he was killed by a falling piece of hive.........damn outlanders special conditions.

But does he live? the local gang tags would suggest so.

I've got some work in progress / construction photos if I can find them + Orlock, Escher and Van Saar Gangs to photo again if i can't find where i saved all my old photo's.

Night all
Re: ClockworkOranges - COD Necro Terrain

This stuff is awesome. This should be directly referenced in the thread about how to stretch CoD pieces across an entire board. The the idea for walkway cover using CoD pieces (not the one made of ladders, those are too precious for me) made from the wall supports (called ?) is going to be stolen by anyone who sees it, I know my board will now sport that. Really cool pieces.
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Re: ClockworkOranges - COD Necro Terrain

Loving the terrain. The walkways/bridges you have are great! Using the COD buttresses as railings is a great idea! I'd never thought about using them like that. May just have to, now...
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Re: ClockworkOranges - COD Necro Terrain

Thanks all for the kind words ;D I've been forum stalking some of your work for a while now so means a lot!!

Some WIP Pictures for those interested, For the walkways with the flying buttresses see the last picture.

Really easy to build just use's angled plasticard lengths stuck to the COD floor tiles. Then you stick in a length of plasticard the same height as the buttress, then the buttress, then more angled plasticard on top and little lengths on the inside to make it stronger. Also cut off the horrible spiky bits a) because I think they look shite and b) they are going to randomly break off anyhow.........(You'll see I didn't to start with)
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