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What next?

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So this happened.

The one on the left got a highlight with yellow spray before I attacked it with the weathering powders, so its slightly lighter. Anybody know if I can just spray powders with matt varnish to seal them down?

Ill be adding posters and static grass as well.
Looks epic!

The powders will disappear at an alarming rate if you spray them with varnish, I think mainly because it blows away from the pressure but potentially because some sort of reaction fades the colour as well.

Some of the effect does remain but it’s still annoying. I would try it on a small bit and see what you think, you might want to fix the powders in a different way first, like soaking it with watered down glue or alcohol from a pipette.
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Thanks @Fold - I was experimenting with them and got to that finish, liked it, so carried on not thinking about the issues with making them stay where they are.

Much googling and I’m still unsure how to seal it. I’m going to try watered down PVA first.
  1. Spray Halfords brown
  2. Oxide Red
  3. Zeno Highlight Halfords Yellow
  4. Basecoat and Nunn Oil all the details
  5. Vallejo"Rust & Corrosion" Pigments Set, mainly the darker two colours.
  6. Wet looking bits with some rust stuff wash I already had.
  7. Seal?
Hairspray maybe? It’s what we used in art for keeping chalk/pastels on the paper after drawing with them.
Same problem in that it will blow away the powders. A loaded pipette is really the best compromise between speed and not ruining the effect, I find. Potentially a pump action bottle that you can use to mist the watered down glue will work as well.
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So this is what happens when you seal with a PVA water mix - you lose some of the subtle blending, however the option is lose all the blending when you tip the board or go with the sealed version......

Prior to doing this I’d have been stoked with the sealed one, so I’m just going to have to accept it. There’s also brighter powders in the pack so as @Fold says i just need to go up a notch prior to sealing.

The PVA mix is best described as like milk.

It was dry to the touch, but yeah I reckon some colour will come back after 24 hours or so, PVA takes ages to fully set.
Especially when watered down. Will depend I guess on heat and humidity, but I'd leave it several days to see if it changes.
04/11/19 Update - Mass Production!

Did I mention I like Vajello Oxide Red? It’s great, it’s a really fine texture paint that really ties all the random bits I build my scenery from together. One pot has covered the whole board and the bridges and there’s still some left.