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What next?

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Yeah, I think just overcompensating with the powders is the way to go.

On a side note, I don't think the varnish blowing away the powder is the main factor; having been mucking about with the stuff over the weekend I have failed to shift it from where I didn't want it even with vigorous blowing. I reckon it's mostly down to losing the difference in finish across a surface once the whole lot gets varnished. Plus even the mattest of varnishes is not powder-matt.

All that being said, you can apparently get away with minimal change to the look with a very light matt varnish, sprayed from a decent distance (or so I've read, I don't have much first hand experience with the stuff either) - you'd want to give a more substantial varnish coat to your piece prior to applying the pigment.

Anyway, this is all shaping up beautifully.
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Agreed @Chaos Moomin Before the powders and PVA bath I’ve sprayed with a glossy rustoleum brown, then applied the oxide red texture paint then resprayed with brown, yellow and orange.

Don’t think I’m going to bother to Varnish it as I doubt that lot will move + I treat my stuff fairly gently. The corner I did try to spray Varnish went a shade darker and I didn’t like it.

The PVA makes it slightly darker but not massively so, I think the issue is as soon as you wet it with anything it it starts to blend into one colour paint.
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Wicked combo looks great! I used to seal but now i cant be assed, the paint on the terrain is pretty thick with all the coats and weatherings and it doesnt seem to wear off, maybe the edges if they are going to come in contact often with differnt configurations. And Fold nailed what was i was going to say about the pigments and varnish below.
07/11/19 update.

I’ve just finished dusting up the last boards and spray painted all the bridges. These 30ml vajello weathering powders have covered a whole 4x4 board!! I’ve used them all but the darkest the most and there’s still some left!

Also experimenting with this stuff - looks too bright for my liking wet but we’ll see I suppose.

The white or frosting is from the PVA it’s on a few boards, but mainly this one, and this is by far the biggest spot.

It kinda looks like weathering so I may leave it, or I may go over it with more rust, haven’t decided yet. What say you Yakkers?
It looks very much like the white streaks/marks you get on concrete after years, or someone long ago dropped a tin of white paint but it’s now dirty and worn off all but the most recessed surfaces. Either way I don’t think it looks bad.
It doesn't look bad but it needs a little wear, hit it with a pencil eraser a bit or a dull blade maybe.
The technical paint or frosting? For the frosting I think I’m going to paint over with the powder mixed with some medium.
Love the shopping trolley. :)

Have used zip ties & fly mesh on things myself, but nothing quite like this or anywhere near the scale :-o
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These look really good clockwork. That red oxide looks like some seriously good stuff. I'll have to look into the weathering powders and stuff like this more as I am very inexperienced in this area.
Up until a couple of years ago I had a very clean style but these days I like to keep em mucky and real looking where I can. Well better than they used to look anyway. :LOL::LOL::LOL:
These boards look like they are going to make an excellent game. The bridge on top of a bridge is the best part for me gameplay wise after having a small go at some scenery myself recently. :cool:
Keep up the great and inspiring work.
10/11/19 Update.

Some pre resin shots, think I’m also going to redo the top pond maybe turn it into a crater. I painted it before I’d decided on the canal colour scheme.

Mainly just the bridges and resin to go now.

Also I’ve made these from the box of bits that @Fat Charlie very kindly sent me. These are to go over the canal building to building.

Look at the seamless joins where 1 walkway has become two! Must have been done by a skilled Troll.....Need fly netting, tie wraps and coffee stirrers and Cornish sand prior to the rust dip.

Need fly netting, tie wraps and coffee stirrers and Cornish sand prior to the rust dip.

Cornish sand - like regular sand, but with a penchant for riding a horse along a clifftop, occasionally exclaiming "damn George Warleggan!" or "Ross!" and for mowing the grass with no top on.
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12/11/19 Update.

Mainly hazard taped up the flat boards and added the top secret magnetic connector system (TM pending). Oh and also I’ve been tanking the underside of the canal boards with milliput ready for the big pour.

Edit - I dont like the pond on the flat tile - so that’s becoming a blackened crater at some point.

I’ve also taken delivery of an important ingredient.