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What next?

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Won’t win a Golden Demon but work progresses on the STC Telehandler for the Sump Docks.

It’s for scenery but also because I always wanted the Forgeworld kit. Alas this is a mere Troll knock off / conversion the proper ones are too much even for the Troll!

I'dd add a little more counterweight further out from the back of the handler. To me it looks a bit odd because the counterweight is directly above the feet, it's not going to counterweigh. Or just handwave it... suspensors under the cab powered by the systems that would normally supply the multilaser!

You've also carried on a fine tradition and done exactly what I did with one of my sentinels - put a foot on backwards :LOL: There's a dodgy mechanic in this sector whose attention seem to wander!

Trees are quite easy because we're not exactly short of reference material for them. I found when doing trees for railway models that it's easy to forget that tree trunks trypically have more white, black and light green on them than you might expect. They're usually not brown, but we *think* they are. Of course... as @Punktaku says, if it's a fantasy or necro tree, knock yourself out!
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Beautiful work on the cargo loader! I love terrain projects, so my vote is to push the tree to the front of the painting queue! Plus, there are so many great details you've built into it that will really shine (or fester as the case maybe) with some color!
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Considering the average food quality in the Underhive, it's probably a good idea the distance from the burger joint to the privy is as short as possible.
“Get with dashing distance of a latrine and scoff it down” - Baldrick

“You eat roadside cafe food with pride, you can throw it up outside..” - NTNON.

Thing is @SuboptimusPrime is that the toilet and the grill share a mop...
The Troll has finally decided to get on this 3D printing bandwagon now that the technology seems to have settled a little.

Gone for one of these; complete impulse buy but LukeAPS seems to recommend it and that’s usually good enough for me.

Apologies I’ve no doubt that this thread will become a bit 3D printing centric for a while whilst I get used to it and it just becomes part of my standard hobby tools. I mainly want one for industrial bits and bobs for my many conversions / scratch builds.

I’ll also be asking for help I’m sure whilst I get up and running!